Sharing My Current Winter Skincare Routine

Y’all are probably sick of seeing (and hearing) about all-of-the-holiday-sales by now, but I hadn’t done something like this in a while, so please indulge me as I put together a list of items I picked up (read: ordered online) during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. While we’re at it, and because most of them are skincare-related, I thought I’d share my current skincare routine today.

Before we dive into the meat of this post, however, I’d like to emphasize that I’ve been using the mini/travel-size versions of products I mentioned here for weeks (unless stated otherwise) prior to investing on their full size versions. You know that I would never write about something I haven’t personally tried and/or used overtime and sing praises about it because that would be unfair and utterly misleading.

Anyway, busting my cold weather wardrobe essentials out isn’t the only thing I do as soon as the temperature drops during this time of the year. You best believe that I transition into winter-appropriate skin care routine as well to make sure it gets the TLC it deserves. I know I say it like it snows in San Diego, but I’m sure many of you think it only makes sense.


I’d like to think that my skincare regimen is anything but complicated. Again, for reference, I have combination/oily skin type. In the morning, I wash my face in the sink with this gel cleanser after taking a shower. I almost never cleanse my face in the shower because I prefer doing so once I got out of the shower to wash off any shampoo/conditioner residue from rinsing my hair. I consider this a crucial step before I move on with the rest of my skincare routine. Anyway, I’ve been using this cleanser since September, and I think I might have found the one. It works for my skin type without it being too drying or intense, which is a huge plus.

When I’ve washed my face, I use a paper towel to pat (not wipe) it dry. I know it seems wasteful, but it’s the only sanitary way I know to avoid acne-causing bacteria getting into my skin from using an actual face towel I used the day before (eww!). I then apply this clarifying toner on a cotton pad (or two) and swipe it across my face and neck to sweep away dirt, excess oil, leftover facial cleanser, and any other impurities off of my skin’s surface after cleansing. It’s gentle and non-irritating, so it’s been a staple in my vanity for years. I also happen to have sensitive and blemish-prone skin, and I’m happy to report that I haven’t had a bad reaction from using this toner on a daily basis.

After which, I gently pat this water essence onto my face with my fingers and let it sink into my skin while I start dressing up. I don’t use this daily, though—only on days when I feel like I need an extra boost of hydration. Next, I gently dab this lightweight, yet moisturizing eye cream under (and around) my eyes. It’s easily become a favorite of mine! Then I apply my other current favorite gel moisturizer on the rest of my face and neck, avoiding the area where I had applied my eye cream. As the last step (an absolute must!) in my morning skincare regimen, I finish up with my ride-or-die sunscreen, especially when I don’t plan on wearing any makeup.


My nighttime skincare routine is almost the same except on days when I do wear makeup. As soon as I get home, I remove my makeup with this cleansing balm (a new-found love!) that literally melts into your skin and makes removing makeup easier and more effective. When I’ve got nothing else on my face, I get away with repeating the steps from my morning skincare routine.

Confession: there are nights when I only remember (or make an effort) to incorporate face masks into my routine when I’m having skin issues (i.e., blemishes, hormonal breakouts, dry patches, etc.). I recently discovered this 10-minute mask to address problematic skin, and it worked for me! I use it more to spot-treat, though, rather than applying it all over my face. My blemishes don’t magically disappear overnight, but it does help contain the flare-ups. Did I mention that it reminds me so much of this drying lotion that I used to swear by?

OK, going back to my nighttime skincare regimen, I apply this holy-grail-status glycolic serum prior to the same moisturizer I use in the morning, but I only use it every other night. I’ve gone through two minis of this from a duo kit (that both lasted for almost six months with regular use) before I finally convinced myself into getting the full size. A serum of this nature makes skin much more sensitive to sunlight, so I don’t apply mine every single night. This is why I never skip (nor skimp!) on sun protection during the day all year ’round. Finally, I slather on this soothing and super hydrating lip sleeping mask before I head to bed! It’s been a total game-changer—I no longer wake up with dry, cracked, and bloodied lips!

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