What Happened?

I woke up during the wee hours of last Saturday, feeling unusually chilly in spite of the warm weather in March. I changed into my pajamas, put on socks, and a hoodie jacket. Severe stomach cramps were accompanied by multiple bathroom visits all morning. At around six, I sent both my parents a text to let them know that I’m not feeling well. Two hours later, I managed to go downstairs to eat a banana while I took my body temperature. The thermometer read 38.5°C (101.3F), so I popped some medicine for my fever.

I didn’t realize that I fell asleep on the couch until I felt a hand on my forehead. It was Dad, checking my temperature. He got up as soon as he read my text message from earlier that morning, and asked how I was feeling. Four hours later, my fever hasn’t let up. I took paracetamol round-the-clock, but my fever remained the same; so did the frequency of my stomach cramps and bathroom visits.

I hope I’d get better by Sunday, but I was wrong. My condition got even worse. My fever shot up to 39.5°C (103.1F) by Sunday afternoon, making my Mom fall into a frenzy. They insisted on taking me to the hospital, but I refused because I knew that in my condition, I’d be recommended for admission. I couldn’t afford to miss my scheduled US visa interview the following morning, and that’s pretty self-explanatory. (If you’re wondering how it went, well, the CEAC website says that my visa has been “issued,” but I won’t budge until I have the actual visa in hand.)

Took this photo to show my husband; taken after the nurse removed the IV tube.

Dad and I agreed that once my visa interview was over, I’d let Mom take me to the hospital. After a full dose of IV for dehydration, several medicines administered via IV, and a series of blood tests, I was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis (or otherwise known as stomach flu). The attending physician was worried that I looked too weak to go home and suggested that I stay in the hospital for another day or two, but I refused. Given that I quit from work a long time ago, I don’t have the luxury to stay in the hospital for confinement.

Three days of medication did me good. Slowly, my stomach cramps and bathroom visits have lessened. I also managed to regain my appetite that I’m starting to eat full meals already. It was another unproductive week that I need to make up for once I get 100% better, but it couldn’t have been easier if Mom and Dad weren’t there to take care of me during this time. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to friends and family for sending their well-wishes upon learning about my condition.

So, that’s what happened. How was your week?

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