Dad Goes to San Diego: USS Midway Museum

My drive towards travelling and discovering new things is probably something I got from Dad. Although most of his trips abroad were business-related, I consider Dad a well-travelled man. He also has a flare for photography, so he enjoys capturing moments or places and making an entire photo album out of them.

Behind Dad is Downtown San Diego

When Roan started planning our itinerary for Dad’s visit last June, we brainstormed on possible activities Dad might be interested in. When the idea of making a trip to the USS Midway Museum popped up, I thought it’s something both Dad and I would enjoy. I mean, playing tourists with my favorite people is always a good idea!

The USS Midway CV-41 is a decommissioned warship, which was opened as a naval aviation museum in 2004. It was amazing to have learned a lot about its operations and missions that involved the Philippines. The museum’s so huge that we spent the entire day exploring each and every room, going through interactive exhibits, etc. If you’re visiting San Diego, I highly recommend that you plan a trip to this museum.

USS Midway Museum
910 N. Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101

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