Long-term Goals for 2015: An Update

Guys, if you haven’t realized it yet, we’re already halfway through 2015. Halfway through. I must have missed the memo about Mother Earth’s plans of speeding things up, but did we just celebrate New Year’s Eve? Please, somebody slap me or I will completely lose it!

Is it just me or anyone else start getting butterflies in your stomach, too, when you think of how far and close we are from/to celebrating Christmas (again)? I began reflecting on these things when Roan asked me if we’re decorating the apartment with a real pine tree this Christmas. (Side note: It’s going to be our third time celebrating together, second as a married a couple!) OK, this may be a dumb question, but JUST WHERE DO YOU FIND PINE TREES HERE IN SAN DIEGO??* I seriously gave my husband a blank stare when he asked me that, and I can tell he’s completely making fun of me. I digress…

Did you set long-term goals at the beginning of the year like I did? If you’re not freaking out enough yet, well, it’s going to be July next week. It seems to me that now is the perfect time to reflect on how much we’ve really accomplished since 2015 kicked off. Anyway, here’s my little progress report:

On Living a Healthier Lifestyle

I’m not going to lie; I only started taking this seriously when I moved here in the US. I actually realized that I’m beginning to gain back the weight I lost in the last three years when Mom told me I looked healthier during one of our video call sessions. It smacked me right in the face because that’s exactly what served as my motivation when I began my fitness journey in January 2011.

I’ve mentioned that both Roan and I have been out-of-shape since our wedding, and we’ve both struggled to follow through with our respective workout routines. With certain changes happening in our life now, we’ve found a new motivation to start all over again. We’ve been working out five to six times a week, and we try to squeeze in random walks/jogs in the park in between to keep our heart-rates up. We’ve even started a spreadsheet that tracks our weekly progress!

I also began tracking my daily water intake by drinking from a tumbler (with measurements). This way I’ll know if I’m hydrating myself enough throughout the day or not. Oftentimes, Roan has to remind me to drink even more when I’m not thirsty because he knows I don’t drink much during the day.

Roan and I have leaned towards healthier food choices since our fitness restart, and making home-cooked meals are proving to be a great help in this endeavor. I think it’s an advantage that Roan used to be active in the military, so he knows more about which food choices to make when living an active lifestyle. It’s important that we stay on track in this department, too, because we have the tendency to overindulge when we’re having a good time!

Thank God that we haven’t gotten sick (except for sniffles; thanks to allergens), and we hope to remain this way throughout the entire year. We try to take our multivitamins religiously, especially now that the weather in San Diego is acting slightly weird; from having a slightly warm morning to temperature dropping during the night.

On Travelling Together

If you count the times Roan and I have driven to different parts of San Diego, then I’m pretty well-travelled in the last two months. I always trust Roan’s judgment when planning for our random date nights because he never disappoints. Discovering new places with him does my heart good. The farthest we’ve been to was that weekend we flew to Las Vegas for his cousins’ wedding anniversary, and literally just spent 24 hours there.

We’re sort of planning to go to San Francisco to be with my cousin and his wife this September, but that is still up for discussion, since Roan’s job must be taken into consideration. We have plans, in general, but nothing is really certain as of the moment.

On Blogging

I only revived my blogging mojo when I began sharing about my new experiences here in the US. Blog post ideas suddenly sprang from nowhere, and I’m still dealing with them one day at a time. I’d like to think that my blog has remarkably improved since the beginning of the year, but if we’re being realistic, I only gained a few more following and connections in the last couple of months. That’s OK because it would’ve been alarming if I earned a thousand followers overnight.

I eventually tossed out the idea of adding sponsorship ads on my blog because I figured that it takes a lot of work. I’m still open to brand collaborations (and even with some bloggers), though I’ve turned down some in the last few weeks (during the transition period) because I know I couldn’t commit yet. I was able to throw a couple of guest blog posts to some friends’ sites, and it’s always been a fun experience discovering new people with the same interests.

Going through all these long-term goals I had for myself, I realized that I’m right on track. I think it helped that I didn’t push myself too hard that I lose interest altogether in the process. Slowly, but surely. If I keep an eye on and maintain consistency towards achieving these goals, then I’ll definitely feel victorious in the end.

*It may not seem like it, but I’m actually serious about asking this question. Let me know if you ever find out, OK! Thank you in advance!

How about you? How are you acting on goals you set for yourself this year?

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