Two Years Ago Today: A Look Back

A friend of mine once said, “Two years will go by; you won’t even realize it.” Indeed. Today marks my second anniversary here in the United States, and it pretty much feels like I left only yesterday. I know I say that a lot, but as long as I remember that morning in April, the feeling will remain the same.

Year ✌🏼 in 🇺🇸 #immigrant

This may seem like a regurgitation of sorts, but like I mentioned in my 2016 round-up, we traveled a lot last year. In fact, my second year kicked off with an out-of-town trip with Roan and my sisters-in-law to Washington in May. Our mission was to visit a terminally ill relative, while making a brief side-trip to explore the neighboring cities, too.

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In the spring, Roan and I got annual passes to visit San Diego Zoo. How I managed to live in San Diego for a year without going to these places is beyond me. Roan, however, made a good point that they’re not going anywhere (unless we are).

Although I come from a tropical country, and I currently live in San Diego, summer season isn’t my favorite. Besides trying to survive the summer heat, the volume of tourists coming to the city on summer vacation is insane. We are, however, fortunate to be living near a vast body of water, which gives us some nice ocean breeze from time to time. Definitely a time to slather on sunscreen!

In August, Roan and I saw Coldplay perform live in Pasadena. I saw several video footages from their Asian tour on Instagram, and I can’t help but feel nostalgic about our own concert experience!

The following month was anything short of noteworthy, too. Roan and I drove to Nevada for Labor Day weekend, and as soon as we got back in San Diego, I picked up and drove Pidge home. September was also the month I took a leap, and enrolled in an online class for professionals. For this reason, I finally started a bullet journal, and I haven’t looked back since! Many of my friends have been requesting for a blog post about my experience, so I might share that on here soon!

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October was extra special not because we saw Yellowcard‘s final tour in LA, but because Dad visited us again here in San Diego, and he stayed longer than the last time, so we got to spend more father-daughter bonding time together. Too bad that he didn’t make it to my birthday, but it was the next best thing to having my family over.

Speaking of birthday, I had a fantastic birthday month! I spent my birthday weekend in Colorado where Roan and I also met with a friend of his from the US Army. Then two weeks later on Thanksgiving weekend, we drove up north to finally see Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. That trip had become one of my top favorites! Also in November, I got back on Facebook, although I still don’t hang around there as often.

Roan and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary, and he took me to a fancy restaurant in Harbor Island for dinner. I also had my hair dyed a darker color around this time after about five or so years of having light-colored hair! Oh, and did I mention that I took a break from school during wintertime?

In January, we rang in the new year in our loungewear, and watched Netflix all day. We got together with our friends, and met their newborn for the first time. Then a day after Roan’s birthday, I finally sent my I-751 packet for processing.

February was nothing short of eventful in spite of not being big fans of Valentine’s Day. Roan surprised with a dinner date at an even fancier restaurant in La Jolla where we got to be a little cheesy for the night. It was also our first time to join a full moon hike where we climbed one the highest peaks in San Diego county.

And last, but certainly not the least, Mom finally got her 10-year, multiple entries US visa. We booked Mom and Dad’s flight to the US in September as soon as we can before the ticket prices increased. Also in March, I celebrated my first work anniversary. I love my job as a technical writer, and I think I’m ready to take my professional skills to another level.

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  • I feel like you’ve been there longer – though I did read your updates once in a while that that’s not true. Yay on your mom getting her visa! September would be awesome for your family.

    xo, Richel V.

    • Hi, Richel! Everyone says the same, and I do feel that way sometimes. I think I adjusted quickly in the lifestyle here, and that’s why I want my mom to experience it, too. I’m going to make it up to her when she gets here!

  • Yay!! Congratulations, girl! I feel like you’re done more things and been more places than folks who have lived here their entire lives! Way to live life to the fullest!! I love reading about all your trips and adventures!

  • Two years really does fly by! I’m glad you have had a pretty great second year here, exploring and all that. And the zoo is the best! But I agree about the tourists…in OC we barely ever visited the beach between June and August, sometimes because there just wasn’t any parking! The good thing is that you can still visit the beach in September or October and it’s still nice out 🙂

    • I know! The traffic is bad near the coast, and parking is indeed difficult! And that’s true about visiting the beach in the fall. It’s so nice to just lay in the sand to read and chill.☺️

  • Well done on your achievements over the past two years, Jae! And it’s occurred to me that I have been reading your blog for at least a year now, because I definitely remember you writing a post after you had been in the US for a year.

    I also distinctly remember some of these events from when you blogged about them!

    Even when you live in a city for a long time, you may never get the opportunity or the time to visit some of the biggest attractions of that city. I can say the same about some places in Sydney. And it’s not a problem really, even when speaking about travelling to other countries, you definitely have the mentality that “Sydney is not going anywhere” (replace Sydney with whatever place). I mean, it’s not going to be there forever, but there is still time.

    • Thank you, Georgie! I knooow~ Thank you so much for sticking around albeit my sporadic presence here on the blog. Perhaps this year we’ll make it to Disneyland, too. Hahaha! I haven’t been there either!

  • Yay! Two whole years! I feel like you’ve been in San Diego forever! I’m so happy that your mom finally got her visa, I know that was such a hassle. I’m so glad for you and your family!!! <3

    • It’s actually tomorrow; I accidentally published this post instead of scheduling it for tomorrow. Thank you, Yen! I feel like you’ve witnessed my entire immigration journey all these years! I wish my brothers would get theirs very soon, too!

  • Congrats on 2 years! That’s really exciting and I totally know what you mean by not realizing how quickly time flies. Sounds like you had an awesome year, and I’m sure this upcoming year will be exciting as well. I’m jealous that you live in San Diego, I love palm trees and warm weather 🙂

    • Thank you, Kasi! Looking at these, I quite agree that I did have an awesome second year! Aww that means you’ll have to come here sometime in the future.