Travel Outfit Inspirations

Can I just say that since December kicked off, I kept thinking about our upcoming travel plans? I don’t mean to rain on everyone else’s Christmas parade, but this is just something that I’ve been looking forward to since our Singapore trip in 2007. Don’t get me wrong, guys. I’m still excited for Christmas and all the festivities that go with it, but this could be my last trip with my family before I leave for the US. My aunt Marie is coming with us, so it sure is going to be a riot!

Apart from researching on places to add to our [draft] itinerary, I’ve been taking mental notes on what to bring on this trip. The last time I packed my suitcase was on our honeymoon last year, and I think I did pretty well then because I brought just enough clothes for a week-long vacation. I’m bent on packing like a pro this time, so I came up with travel outfit inspirations.

The key to travelling light is to bring pieces that could go with a lot of different other outfits. Say for example sets in the above photo: the fedora hat, sunglasses, tote bag, and flat sandals could be used in three outfit combinations. These outfit inspirations should be fine unless we’re talking about travelling to colder places in December. You know, I don’t want people giving you the evil eye while strolling along the streets in Paris during this time.

Another thing to consider is whether the place you’re travelling to has a specific dress code. When we went to Thailand for our honeymoon, I made sure that I brought a maxi dress and a pair of jeans with me. I’ve read that tourists weren’t allowed to go inside the temples if they came in shorts or dresses that fall above their knees. Taking these things into consideration will both save you money and time.

Here are more celebrity style inspirations for future reference:

In the end, what matters more than style is comfort. My outfits on regular days are similar to these, so it shouldn’t be a problem. After all, I’m going on vacation to relax; not to stress over my OOTDs.

What are some of your travel style pegs?

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