Travel Diary: Spokane to Seattle Road Trip

If we thought our first day in Spokane would be a long one, then our Spokane to Seattle road trip took us what felt like forever and a day. Roan willingly drove the entire time, leering at each of us girls as we sneak a nap on his behalf. He managed to take a quick video of us sleeping comfortably in our seats (NOT RECOMMENDED) while he listened relentlessly to Zayn’s Pillow Talk on the local radio, which might have been played at least once every hour.

I’d say driving across Washington had been more interesting than our spontaneous trip from San Diego to San Francisco. For one, we only took I-90 throughout the entire trip. Sure, we could take Highway 101 in California, but in case you’re unaware, that’s a very long drive. I mean, have you seen what California looks like on the map? When we looked up our route online, we also noticed that there weren’t as many rest stops along the way, which meant we might need to hold our bladder for a while.

Just less than an hour away from Seattle, Roan insisted that we stop over for brunch since we left Spokane before sunrise. There weren’t many open establishments at the time, so we settled on the Little Si Restaurant and Lounge.

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Roan noticed signs leading to Snoqualmie Falls on our way to Seattle, so we made a quick, albeit random, stopover there to take photos. It started raining, but this didn’t dampen our spirits one bit. Other than a breathtaking view from the viewing deck, it was interesting to chance upon some newlywed photo shoot session while it was raining.

The clear indication that we’re at the heart of the city was driving through the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Downtown Seattle, which was unavoidable since we booked our hotel in a neighboring city called Tukwila. I took the photos above while we’re stuck in traffic, a glimpse of Seattle we looked forward to discover more. In the succeeding posts related to this trip, I’ll share more about what we did the rest of our first day in the city.

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