Travel Diary: Seattle, Washington — Part II

As much as I wanted to share all adventures from our 24-hour trip to Seattle, I couldn’t, so I broke them into several parts. Though extremely exhausted from exploring the Seattle Aquarium and hopping on a Harbour Cruise, we psyched ourselves into scratching as many places off of our itinerary for our first day.

Here’s an #OOTD of sorts, plus an entry for #fromwhereistand to cap the night off.😉 I find it interesting that each floor tile was laid to honor donors who helped during their “Care for the Market” renovation campaign.👌🏼

After our sumptuous seafood dinner at Ivar’s, we decided to extend our parking time limit to take a walk to the Pike Place Market, which was not too far from where we left our rental car. Unfortunately, the market was already closed when we arrived. According to Roan, had we not missed them, we would’ve witnessed how crazy the market gets during the day. Much to my dismay, I settled on taking a photo of the famous ‘Public Market’ sign for posterity’s sake.

We were starting to leave when my sister-in-law asked where the original Starbucks place is. A middle-aged couple, who were passing by, overheard her, and offered to give us directions. It wasn’t too far from where we were at, so we strolled towards the store. I wasn’t really expecting much, but seeing what the original Starbucks store looks like was interesting. I mean, you can easily spot a Starbucks place from a mile away these days.

Did we get anything from Starbucks? This may sound ridiculous, but no. None of us were really up to it, probably because we’re still full from dinner that we can no longer hold any more food or drink in. My friend, Shayne, recommended a lot of more interesting coffee shops to check out, but again, since we’re pressed for time, we weren’t able to go. Perhaps on our next trip!

In my research, I realized that when you avail of the Seattle CityPASS, you get the chance to see the Space Needle twice—at night and during daytime. The Space Needle, although built interestingly in terms of architectural design, was a bit of a letdown. Honestly, we were expecting it to be taller than it is, but that’s just us.

The view is reminiscent of the intro clip from Grey’s Anatomy, which is set in Seattle. If you haven’t watched a single episode or season of that show, what’s wrong with you? While we’re at it, what better way to cap the night off than a 360° view of Seattle from the tower?

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