Travel Diary: Seattle, Washington — Part I

If I’m being completely honest, our trip to Seattle required a lot of energy to power through the day. Since we were only staying a little more than 24 hours in the city, we had to fit a lot of things and places into our itinerary. Following our almost six hours drive from Spokane to Seattle, we only stopped at our hotel in Tukwila, a city south of Seattle, to check in and freshen up before hitting the road once again.

During the planning stage, we knew that we won’t have the luxury of time to see everything, so we all agreed to get Seattle CityPASSes on this trip. The CityPASS is probably the most convenient option known to [traveling] mankind. The CityPASS ticket booklet is valid for nine (9) days upon start of use. It’s perfect for travelers who wish to save both time and money on their trip, especially if they’re only staying for the weekend. The Seattle CityPASS offers admission to top five (5) Seattle attractions for only half the price! These attractions (except for the Woodland Park Zoo) are within close proximity, so it’s really suitable to plan your entire trip based on how much you want to see in a day. If that isn’t winning, I don’t know what is!

Our first stop for the day was at the Seattle Aquarium. I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again—aquariums may seem boring to most people, but every aquarium I’ve been to showcases creatures that couldn’t be found elsewhere. It may sound ridiculous, but one is different from another. I think it’s funny how these sea creatures share the same body of water, yet some species are only found in certain regions of the ocean. Who said exploring aquariums are only for kids?


Note: I was about to edit the photos I took from the Seattle Aquarium when I realized that most of them were blurry, hence I only shared a few.

Here’s an interesting story that went down while we’re there: my sisters-in-law and I were standing in line to the restroom when a woman, who just came in, stood in front of Steph. My sister-in-law thought the lady was trying to cut in, so she gestured her to the end of the line. As it turns out, the woman was only passing through to wash her hands in the sink. Now here’s the funny part—I was about to say something when I recognized that the lady who passed through is a friend of mine from grade school! I called her out, and when she realized who I was, we both screamed and hugged each other. What a coincidence!

These three TV broadcast towers are in close proximity with Queen Anne Hill, an affluent neighborhood just northwest of Downtown Seattle, where the wealthy people live.

Can you spot our surprise guest in this photo?

The building on the right is currently the tallest building in Seattle at 943 ft. It was originally designed to be 1,005 ft tall, but the height was reduced due to concerns of a nearby flight path. They took off a few inches from every floor, thus this building has more floors than any other buildings of the same height.
The No. 12 that you see all over Seattle represents the “12th Man” a.k.a. fans of the NFL Seattle Seahawks team.

The next thing on our schedule was hopping onto the Argosy Cruises Harbour Tour. If I’m not mistaken, we took the last trip for the day. The times vary depending on the season, so it’s important to check the schedule on their website during the planning stage. The 1-hour cruise was my favorite part of the day because we got to just settle down and relax as we revel in the beauty of the Seattle Skyline from afar. I’ve always imagined Seattle to be cold and gray, and that’s exactly what transpired on our trip. The guided tour was also helpful in sharing more about Seattle’s history. You’d be surprised how every portion of the skyline bore an interesting backstory.

We were famished by the time our tour ended, and since Ivar’s is right next to the dock, we decided to have dinner there. It’s a no-brainer that ordering seafood is a must, so that’s exactly what we did. We stuffed our faces with fish and chips, fresh shrimps, and salmon. So fortunate that I’m not allergic to seafood because it would’ve been a bummer to miss such fresh goodness!

P.S. I know I’m so terrible at catching up with my travel posts lately, but I hope you watch out for the succeeding parts of this trip. For now, (at least) enjoy these travel photos. Thank you!

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