Travel Diary: Welcome to Pattaya

What better way to welcome the new year than lounging on the beach? Though still groggy from taking part in the New Year’s Eve countdown in the streets of Bangkok, we opted to go on a 2-hour road trip further down south to Pattaya City. Pattaya is among the famous beach resorts not too far from the city of Bangkok. Its location is conveniently accessible to those living nearby and other neighboring cities who want to unwind by the beach.

Don’t be deceived by the following photos. I wore a hoodie jacket to the beach because the weather was unusually cold. The sun was out, but we braved the 70º breeze. For someone who’s weak at tolerating low temperature like myself, this is sort of a big deal.

Pattaya, Thailand via Pattaya, Thailand via Pattaya, Thailand via

I changed into my swimsuit determined to go into the water to swim; however, I decided to leave about an hour later because the water was freezing cold! No wonder the coast was clear during that time!

Pattaya, Thailand via Pattaya, Thailand via Pattaya, Thailand via www.gorjaeous.comPattaya, Thailand via Pattaya, Thailand via

From afar, you can see the different stations for parasailing. As much as we’d want to try, the cold breeze was downright discouraging that you’d rather take a nap than go into the water. That’s precisely what Aunt Marie did anyway.

Pattaya, Thailand via Pattaya, Thailand via Pattaya, Thailand via Pattaya, Thailand via

If these photos don’t state the obvious, we didn’t do much in Pattaya. We just literally sprawled on the sand, and bought deep-fried crablets, shrimp tempura, and spring rolls for snacks. We had late lunch at Yum Saap inside Central Festival just across the Pattaya beach.

Pattaya beach was nothing compared to those in Krabi, Phuket, or Koh Samui to be completely honest. My ideal beach is one that will make me completely oblivious to the world. Unfortunately, Pattaya beach wasn’t it, albeit good enough given that we’re staying in Bangkok. This day seemed pretty boring, but it was the perfect way to wind down before we return to Manila the next day.

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