Travel Diary: Palm Springs Art Museum

Immediately after Roan and I have “freshened up” from our hike at Mount Jacinto State Park and explored the souvenir gift shop and mini-museum at the Mountain Station, we left to take a tour around the Palm Springs Art Museum. Contrary to my post on Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, though, I only have a few photos to share today.

Pablo Picasso’s Grande Plaque: Tete, hand painted ceramic
Remember this photo from my Instagram? Here’s a version where Roan was sticking like a sore thumb in the background.
If you weren’t mind-blown enough with the old couple, here’s an equally realistic model of a nude woman for your reference. I may or may not have poked her skin to check if she were real…
I took this photo mainly because (1) I found it cute; and (2) it reminded me of my brother who absolutely loves cars.
If it weren’t for MIckey Mouse’s head, nothing in this photo appears appealing to me; however, the poem that goes with this work of art was so disturbing I had to take a photo for posterity’s sake.

I don’t think I’ve ever been inside a museum of contemporary art before, so I felt excited to be walking around in one that day. First of all, it was such a relief to finally be inside an air-conditioned room because the desert heat was becoming unbearable at noontime. We left our stuff at the check-in counter, and was welcomed by a museum tour guide.

Mr. Tour Guide (sorry, I failed to get his name) introduced us to the different parts of the museum, which had a three-level exhibit. He offered to tour us around, but we preferred to explore on our own. Truth is, we wanted to take our time and take advantage of the cooler temperature inside the museum.

Among all exhibits, my favorite were the modern art installments on the top floor and those found in the basement. Most of the photos shown above were taken from the contemporary section of the museum. In the basement were a series of framed art in the form of double exposure, which were equally strange and educational.

Palm Springs Art Museum
101 N Museum Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 322 4800

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