Travel Diary: Pacific Science Center

Sunday was our second and last day in Seattle. As much as we wanted to sleep in, we had to be up early, and go about the rest of our day since we’re driving back to Spokane the same night. We wanted to fuel up for the long day ahead of us, so we searched for a local breakfast/brunch place that we don’t have in California. We ended up going to the Pancake Chef near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which was kind of a bad idea because the service was horrible. We must have waited for more time than we should, which was a time less than what we have left for the day. The food wasn’t any more special, too.

Deciding on where to go next based on our Seattle CityPASS for the last day was tough. Our interests vary, so, essentially, we needed to cast in our votes. I wanted to go to the EMP Museum, but I was outnumbered, so we went to the Pacific Science Center instead. As it turns out, it wasn’t such a bad decision after all. Evidently, both my sister-in-law and I enjoyed the interactive exhibits as much as the kids did!

Photos were not permitted inside the Laser Dome, but we also went to watch a laser show in honor of Michael Jackson. We thought it’d be boring and more like a show for kids, but we actually enjoyed the entire show with brilliant laser imagery performed live, while singing (and dancing) to the King of Pop’s hit songs.

To my Filipino friends, remember this from your childhood?

I may or may not have been freaked out by this one…

I didn’t take a lot of photos in the museum, however, because I wanted to personally experience everything, and explore around me. My other sister-in-law went missing for most of this part of the trip for the same reason! I have to be honest, though, that going into the Butterfly Sanctuary was my favorite part. In case you didn’t know, I have a strong affinity with butterflies, that I incorporated them both in my 18th birthday celebration and in our wedding.

When we walked out of the Pacific Science Center, I saw a Starbucks coffee shop nearby, and decided to get refreshers for everyone. As we wait for orders, we got sucked into watching an English street performer juggle on a really high unicycle (see photo above). There’s really nothing unique about his performance, but he was very funny and entertaining that it didn’t take long for people to gather around him. Not a bad way to kick-start the day!

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