Travel Diary: New Year’s Eve in Bangkok

I may not talk about my bucket list around here a lot, but witnessing a New Year’s Eve countdown in another country is one of the things I want to experience. Who would have thought that I’d finally scratch this off of my list even before leaving for the US?

Luckily, our hotel’s only about half an hour walk from CentralWorld where the New Year’s Eve countdown is usually held at in Bangkok. It’s strange that we’re spending NYE abroad, completely different from what we’ve gotten used to in Manila.

For starters, we had our media noche (midnight/late-night dinner) at McDonald’s! Most nearby restaurants were already closed by 6:00PM, so we had no choice but opt for fast food. It was bizarre because in the Philippines, New Year’s Eve is usually celebrated with a great feast. By feast I mean enough food to last us the entire week.

It was almost 10:00AM when we decided to walk towards the venue. Even from a mile away, we can hear the loud music from the ongoing party. I’ve never been to New York, but it felt like we were in Times Square for the NYE countdown. Oh, and it’s pretty cool that almost everyone wore flashing headbands that looked nice in the dark.

Mom and my aunt opted to stay aside where they could lean against the wall while Dad, my brothers and I stayed on our spot the entire time. It’s also interesting to watch different people from afar, taking selfies and groufies with the crowd as their backdrop. It’s strange what the world has turned into, isn’t it?

Joining the NYE countdown in Bangkok was one for the books. I couldn’t compare it to anywhere else than how we do it Manila, but it’s different. Back home, Filipinos go all out with firecrackers and aerial fireworks. I won’t exactly recommend that you see this for yourself, but it would be a unique experience. Just keep off the streets, though!

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