Travel Diary: An Introduction to #BKK2014

I know what you’re thinking. What with all the teasing and wild-guessing, I can’t believe Jae talked me into this crap. Thailand AGAIN? REALLY? Okay, I may be laying it on thick, but I assume some of you—if not all—reacted that way. Perhaps a little subtler than what I had in mind, but how should I know? After all, I can’t blame those who already knew that I went to Thailand about the same time last year for our honeymoon. While I know it’s completely unnecessary, I will tell you why otherwise.

Mom was hospitalized for almost a week in January 2014 due to complications with asthma that led to an even worse health condition. When the doctors were tracing the factors that triggered her attack, they discovered that Mom was allergic to wool. Because her immune system was already relatively weak, she eventually succumbed to an acute bronchitis. The doctors believed that the onset of the inflammation in Mom’s bronchial tubes might have been since New Year’s Eve.

For this reason, Mom decided that we would spend the next New Year’s Eve abroad. I posted a poll on the blog in June, and among the choices were Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. If I’m not mistaken, Bali earned the most votes; however, since Roan and I have already been to Thailand, we may have influenced the family’s final decision.

Booking: Flight and Hotel Accommodation

I did not book my flight ticket and accommodation until I was sure that I could join my family on this trip. They had theirs booked in August, while I had to wait until November to decide.

Getaway Tours International, Inc., the same travel agency that arranges Dad’s business trips, assisted us with the booking process. I was lucky to have joined my family on the same flight despite booking my trip at a later date. I was convinced that I’d be hopping on a different plane, but ended up otherwise. Most of our communications with them were made via email, and payment was conveniently completed through bank deposit.

Included in the package is a hotel accommodation at My Hotel Pratunam. There are a couple of things I wish to talk about this hotel, but there’s a dedicated post for that.

It’s our second time travelling together as a family abroad since our Singapore trip in 2007, and probably my last with them before I leave for the US. Unlike my first visit to Thailand where we stayed in Krabi for the entirety of our trip, my family and I settled solely in Bangkok this time. I will be posting about our Bangkok trip in installments, so please bear with me in the coming weeks. I must also warn you in advance that succeeding posts may turn out hefty with both words and photos, so please take your time and be kind. 🙂

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