The Year That Was: My 2013 Year-Ender

Just like last year, I had intended on writing an overview of the highlights of the past year; however, I did not have enough free time to do it, hence this late post.

I welcomed 2013 with a bang. I celebrated my first Christmas and welcomed the new year with my [then] fiancé. He returned to the US in February, and I, on the other hand, returned to my mundane life. On top of my daily job, I spent my time getting ready for the wedding in between.

Roan returned to the Philippines in October, and man did I feel time went on a roll. In my mind, we’re not having a fancy wedding, but it turned out differently. It actually exceeded our expectations.

Spending last year’s Christmas and welcoming the new year with Roan may appear the same, but it’s different in so many levels. It is worth noting that towards our wedding, I had become a bridezilla. With all the pressure to get things done sooner, I failed to realize that I am becoming someone I warned myself about. Compromised relationships are not welcomed here, so I made a conscious effort to become better.

I would describe last year in two words: blessed and grateful. The adversities the Philippines went through in the last quarter of 2013 allowed me to honor God’s goodness to me and my family. Though overwhelming, I remain hopeful that my fellow countrymen will be able to recover from all these as Filipinos are well-known for their gift of resiliency. By God’s grace, I know they will.

Roan and I have set goals for 2014, and we are excited for whatever is in store for us newlyweds. These aren’t simply resolutions that most people fail to sustain, but greater things to look forward to and work for.

From my family to yours, we wish you a Prosperous 2014!

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  • Hello, Jae! What a lovely little video. I also watched the longer one from the 15th – your wedding was gorgeous – just like you! Congratulations to you both. I know I’ve been busy and haven’t been around blogs very much, but I’ve missed you. I pray 2014 is a wonderful year for you and Roan.

    • Thank you, Ms Maddie! I’ve missed you, too! My backlog on blogging is piling up, I don’t know when I’d catch up with both writing and reading other blog posts. I’m returning to work on Monday, so I doubt I’d finish all soon. 🙁
      Anyway, thank you, and I wish you a blessed and prosperous 2014, too! 🙂