The Year That Was: My 2012 Year-Ender

A lot of you may be unaware that the years, 2010 and 2011, had been the most difficult period for me and my family. We were in the face of adversity brought about by my father’s sudden resignation with no definite employer to fall back into. Those were the days when money was certainly an issue. It came to a point when we had to sell some of our properties because we were running out of resources. Just thinking about it makes me cringe to this day. We sure learned a lot of things from that tough experience.

As the current year comes to a close, let me share with you the highlights of my year. This will be a lengthy post, so please bear with me…


The last quarter of 2011 had been full of good news; two of which are the following: I got engaged to my three-year boyfriend and Dad was offered a new job. Given this premise, my family and I welcomed the new year with a bang! It’s only been two months since my Dad went back to work, but the mere thought of being able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with a little celebration was already a big deal.

As if the holidays weren’t enough festivities, my parents decided to commemorate their 26th wedding anniversary in a buffet dinner with the whole family. We were in high spirits as we look forward to a new year, a new beginning.


This month marked the birth of I had this hosted by another company then. Like most people, I had my blogs posted in different platforms, thus the first few entries were cross-posts from those sites.

It was a dream come true to finally have my official website where I can put into writing whatever comes to mind.


Tita Marie, my favorite aunt, came home after five years. I last saw her at my grandmother’s interment in August 2007. It was a quick trip, but she got to spend time with my grandfather, Tatay Gavino, who was becoming weaker each passing day.

March meant so much to my family because my brother, Roi, graduated from college on this month. Their class were the first to experience the investiture ceremony within the university campus.

My friend, Nica, introduced Micah and I to The Hunger Games trilogy which we obsessed over with for weeks.


Tatay Gavino was in and out of the hospital due to his health complications. Mom’s siblings—Tita Edna, Ninong Ady, and Tita Beng—came home to assist her in taking care of my grandfather and his hospital bills.

• MAY •

Tatay Gavino passed away at the age of 83. He peacefully died in his bed while everyone, except his caregiver, was not home. All except one of Mom’s siblings flew back in Manila in a matter of weeks to pay their last respects to their father.

It was also during this when I had been suspected for having kidney stones. After a few medications and laboratory procedures, this was ruled out. Thank God.


There’s not much to share on these months, except I was able to read more again with my friends’ encouragement. It was also the time when I finally gave in to reading eBooks conveniently from my mobile phone.


Ah, this was the time when I woke up to floodwater in our street. There was no tropical cyclone at that time, and the heavy rain-pour was brought by the southwest monsoon, but it caused a lot of inconvenience to most families in the city.

In other news, my college friends and I gave our friend, Rivka (Pardz), her third bridal shower. We were pressed for time since her wedding was in two weeks, so we held it a our favorite coffee shop in Makati. It wasn’t the typical bridal shower most people have in mind, but we definitely had fun.


There are two eventful days in this month: one of my friends’ wedding and my family’s surprise birthday party for Mom (and Dad).

This was also the time when I finally decided to move back to WordPress as my new home. Never will I regret doing so.


The month of October reminded me that Miggy and I were already a year engaged. Meaning to say, we were a few weeks away from beginning the 365-day countdown to our Big Day.

My friends and I got involved in the 30-Day Blogging Challenge in October. For the first time, I was able to complete the challenge. Oh, and if I may add, I gained a lot of followers/friends from this experience!


Ah, my birth-month. I have mixed feelings for November. I celebrated my birthday with my family as usual. Well, all I did during this month was read as many books I can. This is the first in a long time that I’ve read so much in a month, and tried to write reviews for each book I finished.

Aside from my birthday, the highlight of this month is our spontaneous day trip to Enchanted Kingdom with my brother and his high school friends.


After a year and two months, Roan returned to Manila. His family—parents and siblings—are all in the US now, but he chose to spend Christmas and New Year here with me and my family. While everyone’s busy with the holiday season, we were running around like headless chickens, doing wedding-related stuff.

Speaking of wedding, my other college friend got married on this month, too. One can’t have enough festivities in December, don’t you think?

The year, 2012, had been a roller-coaster ride for me and my family. There may have been setbacks in one or two occasions, but we’re still lucky to have been blessed with good things along the way. This may not be the case for most people, but it’s always better to look on the brighter side of things. If anything, I wish that I welcome an even better year not only for myself, but for each of my friends and loved ones.

So, how did 2012 treat you? 

P.S. I have a couple of backblogs (backlog blogs) for December since Roan arrived. I will find time to get my hands on them soon!

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