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With only a few days left before we launch into the new year, the search for the perfect planner is on. It may sound like a no-brainer to many, but not for this girl. Despite the abundance of productivity apps for both mobile and desktop use, a physical journal or planner remains my personal preference. Putting pen to paper makes me remember things more effectively than simply saving it on my phone or computer.

Finding a planner that perfectly fits my needs is, of course, top priority. The hunt for the perfect planner is also influenced by my strong affinity for stationery and office supplies. Aside from the physical design, the paper has to be nice to write on. It may sound ridiculous, but I am pretty fussy when it comes to this because I’m just as careful in buying pens.

Enter The Daykeeper 2015.

I don’t exactly remember how I discovered The Daykeeper, but I’m sure its sophisticated hardbound look had me sold. What is it about this planner that makes it interesting, you may ask? Let me name a few.

The Daykeeper 2015 via
The Datebook


Unlike most commercial planners in bookstores, The Daykeeper 2015 can also serve as a journal. I love that apart from space provided for weekly and monthly reminders, there are pages with beautiful photographs to write random musings on. It has a feel of a diary, but functions as a planner at the same time.

Most of us, if not everyone, tend to set long-term goals and New Year’s resolution at the beginning of the year. The Daykeeper 2015 allows you just that; an opportunity to write a letter to your future self that you can either revisit every now and then or at the end of the year.

Another thing that caught my attention is a page that appears weekly where you can write the things that made you smile on a particular day. This encourages you to dwell more on positive things or those that really matter. I like that this will make one appreciate the little things, and motivates you to extend the same kindness towards other people.

If you find yourself in low spirits, look no further; The Daykeeper 2015 is armed with bible verses and quotable quotes for inspiration or just something to reflect on. If these don’t keep your life in perspective, I don’t know what will.

I’m the type who likes looking back on the year that has been, so having a page dedicated for this purpose is a major win. Again, it’s another chance to be grateful for all the good things that happened in the past year. How else would you like to end and welcome a new year but on a positive note, right?

Here’s the thing about me: I don’t simply write on a planner/journal. I have this weird habit of adding sticky notes on some pages for additional reminders. This may be a list of things-to-buy at the grocery or my agenda for an entire day. Aside from the fact that The Daykeeper 2015 is well-equipped with a back pocket for sticky notes and receipts, finding four free postcards is a major bonus.


The Daykeeper can be contacted several ways except via call/text. Since I didn’t have a Facebook account, I sent them an email instead. My initial inquiry includes asking about the cost of their 2015 datebook plus other things that they may offer. I received a response from their team the following day with the requested details. I sent them my order form on the same day, but only got to pay two days after. The only message I received from them since the payment is the promise that I will receive my datebook in the mail the following week.

I can’t tell you enough how excited I was to receive my datebook. In fact, I freed up my entire week in the hopes of receiving this in the mail. On the third day since my last correspondence with the team, I followed up on the status of my order. A week has passed, and no delivery nor response to my follow-up query transpired.

I sent another follow-up email that weekend, and was later advised that a problem had occurred on their logistics, causing unexpected delays on the delivery of their orders. In effect, orders including mine will be pushed back to another one-to-two weeks wait. I could have let it pass, but I feel like I needed to call their attention on their terrible service.

I had to tell them that failing to communicate their problem to their customers was unacceptable. I also found it kind of shady that I didn’t receive any tracking details once payment was made, which shouldn’t be the case. I aired all my concerns, and the team was very apologetic in their email. Shortly after our conversation, they posted an announcement on their Facebook and Instagram page regarding their problem, which should give their paying customers heads-up on the delays. In return of the inconvenience caused by this, The Daykeeper sent me a free wall art; a small gesture that’s much appreciated.

This is not a bad review on The Daykeeper. In fact, I gave an honest feedback on the quality of their service, and made them realize where/what they can improve more on. I hope the company takes this as a constructive criticism for the betterment of their service, and not otherwise.

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