That Time of Their Lives

Is it just me or coincidence that I have become vulnerable to news on engagement proposals and weddings now that I’m married? I guess 2014 is the prime year for people my age to tie the knot. I may not look like it, but I’m already in my late 20s, guys! Although our wedding is over, I still couldn’t help but look at our photos and read wedding blogs because why not?

Two weeks ago, I attended my college friends’ wedding. What makes it even more special is that they’ve been together since 2005. How does one define a relationship that is only a year short of a decade? One thing is certain: they have been through a lot, and that’s telling something.

Sweet and I have known each other since 2003. We were classmates for two years, and we hit it up like old pals. She is bubbly by nature and has the confidence of three women rolled into one. Sweet is also the person behind my nickname because she simply called me “J” in school, and I liked it. A lot, really, that I kept it. Why it became “Jae” is a completely different story.

One of the best memories I have of Sweet is those days when we texted non-stop for hours (thanks to the birth of unlimited texting promos!), a variation of telebabad (never-ending phone conversations), talking about random stuff we may have already discussed in school. Most of all, Sweet, with another friend, Rivka, and I share certain classified information that we still giggle about every now and then.

Edong was Sweet’s second boyfriend during our college years. I didn’t know how exactly their relationship started until they revealed this on their wedding day, but I’ve always thought that Edong was a keeper. Sweet’s previous relationship was a terrible one (for the lack of a better term), and with Edong coming into her life, it was definitely a fresh beginning.

I didn’t know much about Edong because we’ve never been classmates, but I’ve regarded him as one of the most diligent students among my friends. He was a scholar, and apart from the need to maintain a certain grade, he was expected to serve as a working student to keep his scholarship intact. He worked as a student assistant in our Physics laboratory, and that’s where Sweet and Edong met.

And the rest, so they say, is history.

Sweet and Edong’s wedding was sort of a reunion with my college friends since our wedding; only this time, I played the role of a bridesmaid. I had been in touch with Sweet a few weeks prior to the wedding, and I kept telling her how excited I was for them. After all, we believe that a wedding will finally seal the deal between them because they have already invested on their own house and car long before they even got engaged. I highly commend Edong on that!

Weddings are mostly packed with emotionally-charged and fleeting moments in time. I feel the most heightened emotions during the bridal march, just before the bride walks down the aisle to meet her groom. As soon as the doors opened to reveal the stunning bride, tears were already streaming down my face. While everyone else was looking at Sweet, I glanced at Edong who was beginning to tear up as he watched his beautiful bride make her way towards the altar to meet him. All these accompanied by a wonderful strings ensemble of Runaway by The Corrs, it was breathtaking.

And of course, who wouldn’t feel even more emotional when the couple begin to recite their personal vows? Here’s a peek on Sweet and Edong’s heartfelt wedding:

DISCLAIMER: Don’t mind that lady spotted [twice] in the video crying. It’s just a statement of love she shares for the couple.

Now here’s the part where things got a bit crazier. Sweet and Edong came up with the idea of remaking a wedding parody video as their souvenir to the people who had been part of their union. Sweet even requested that we memorize at least the chorus part of the song so we could sing along. Well, I guess I should let the following video speak for itself:

Never in my wildest dream did I imagine I’d do something like this most especially now that I have the married status attached to my name. Kach, my other married friend, and I thought to ourselves: we could have done something wrong to deserve this because the last time we were forced convinced to perform was ten years ago at Rivka’s debut party. Ah, the things you do for love and friendship.

One does not measure love by the years they have been together; it is actually validated by the memories shared and lessons learned in between. That’s what makes the connection genuine. Roan and I are very happy for these two. We wish them an even more blissful marriage, and like everyone else, we look forward to welcoming their future little offsprings!

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