Spending Thanksgiving in Sierra Nevada

Greetings from Central California! Roan and I left San Diego early yesterday morning, and we’re staying here for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend! Before you find this post a little misleading, I’m letting you know in advance that these photos are from the same trip we made to The Sierra for—you guessed it—Thanksgiving weekend last year. Since we’re here again for the very same reason, what better time to give you a quick preview about our trip than now?

Fall Foliage in Yosemite National Park in Yosemite Valley via www.gorjaeous.com
Fall Foliage in Yosemite National Park

Roan and I must have caught some kind of a travel bug following my birthday weekend in Denver, Colorado last year because we decided—on a whim—to spend Thanksgiving weekend up in the mountains. We attempted to go to Yosemite two summers ago, but several roads and parts of the park were closed then due to forest fires, so we postponed our trip to another time. Taking mental note of the situation, we thought that driving to The Sierra in the fall/winter might be the best time to go.

Roan and Jae at Yosemite National Park in Yosemite Valley via www.gorjaeous.com
Hers: Winter Jacket (similar) / His: Jacket (The North Face)

You have no idea how excited Roan and I both got when the weather forecast indicated that it might snow while we’re up there. We only ever experience snow/snowfall whenever we travel to parts of the country where real winter exists, so you best believe that these San Diegans will take every opportunity they get to experience it again. We got to enjoy some 30–40º weather last year, which made our trip to Yosemite National Park even more lovely.

As much as I want to share more, this will do for now (I know, what a tease!). I hope to fill you in on our trip (from last year and this one) in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please enjoy some wonderful time with family and friends this holiday. May you stuff your face with good food and your hearts with a lot of love and laughter! Happy Thanksgiving from Roan and myself!

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