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I started blogging several years ago as an outlet for self-expression. It was that time when I struggled as a teenager, dealing with relationships with the family and certain people. The things I failed to verbally express, I put in writing. I began keeping a journal, and wrote every mundane thing that occurred to me on a particular day. I didn’t write every single day, but when I did, it was always filled with strong emotions. This eventually evolved to an online journal—a blog—and everything else followed suit.

I initially kept my blog to myself, then gradually exposed some of my entries to close friends. Over time, I have gained a generous amount of following from different parts of the world. To this day, my heart skips a beat whenever I get notified that someone has followed my blog. I recently found out that that my husband has joined the club! Apparently, he visits my blog every now and then, and he never fails to commend me for a job well done even if we both know that it’s our job to be one another’s #1 fan! Seriously though, I still cringe every time people would tell that they’ve been to my blog, and even shared some of my posts to their social accounts. What they didn’t know is that I have ways of finding out when they do because I would receive prompts that my stats is booming!

So I moved. Again. What now?

There are three (3) simple ways to follow SCATTERBRAIN:

1. Subscribe via Email

See that widget on the left-hand side of this page with the same heading as this post? All you have to do is enter your email address to sign up for the blog’s newsletter. Every new post will be delivered straight to your inbox! Don’t worry; rest assured that your email address will remain confidential, and will not be used in any other form.

2. Subscribe via RSS

Rich site summary or RSS allows you to follow the blog by adding its URL to the list. There are several free and paid apps in the market (both for iOS and Android users) available for this option. My current favorite is Flipboard—I use it both in my iPhone and iPad.

Though I’m no longer with WordPress, do not fret. Shayne of Shayne Blogs has written a comprehensive guide to subscribing via RSS for the WordPress community. Her instructions are pretty straightforward—just enter on the list, and you’re instantly subscribed. While you’re at it, it would be more awesome if you check Shayne’s blog out, and add hers to your feed as well.

3. Follow on Bloglovin’

If you already have a Bloglovin’ account, then all you have to do is log in to your account, search, and follow along. Or you can simply go directly to my Bloglovin’ page, and subscribe.

4. Find Me Elsewhere

Twitter | Instagram

I know it’s kind of dumb, but I realized that publicizing my posts to these sites has helped dramatically increase my blog’s readership.

Aren’t these plain and simple ways on how to stay in the loop of things? That’s about it for now. Thank you for sticking with me, all you amazing people! It’s always a pleasure to have you around. Drop me a line or two, yes? That would be lovely.

P.S. You can still read previously published posts here.

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