I remember a thing of the past. It was one of the most unfortunate days in my life that I never want to recall, let alone relive in my memory, but today I did. It was very ugly. It was a night filled with indifference, bashing, and hatred. To this day, it affects me that I even feel heavy-hearted as I write this post. I was never ready to talk about it with anyone because it was just so difficult to put in words.

Sometimes, when people go through a rough path, they just want to shut everything off, and have a moment where they could be just by themselves.

I have been detached from these people for almost two years now. I never heard from anyone nor did I make an effort to reach out and get in touch with them again. To some, it seemed like I have forgotten—I tell you, I never did. At least now I am able to write about it again. A close friend once asked me if I will ever be open to the idea of reconciliation. This used to be my automatic response: I don’t know. Now that a lot has changed in my life, and in theirs, I can finally say, Someday.

To heal my wounds, I should be brave enough to face them. (Paulo Coelho)

I have always believed that all things happen in God’s time. In His time, I will have the courage to apologize. In His time, I will have the heart to forgive. I look forward to that day when we are free of ill-feelings for each other. That day when we can finally let go of all the hurt, and move on with our respective lives. I pray that as I enter a new chapter in my life, I only remember all wonderful things that have been.

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