It’s a Wrap, September!

Hello! Remember me? It’s your old friend, Jae. Not going to lie—I struggle to keep up with this blog every single month, but I just couldn’t give it up (at least not yet). Even with the lack of new posts on a regular basis, I go back to this space to read old entries, most especially in the travel section where I find inspiration in places we’ve seen and been to. Anyway, I know we’re only a week away from the next month, but this shouldn’t stop me from reminiscing what transpired in the month before this one. Actually, thanks to my sweet friend who called me out; otherwise, I wouldn’t have even tried to work on this post.😜

A Tale of (Un)fortunate Events

I wish I could say that September rolled in in my favor, but I had a rough time at the beginning of the month. Roan and I didn’t have elaborate plans for Labor Day weekend nor did our friends, Ron and Jan, so we invited ourselves over to their house to spend the holiday with them. We had no plans of spending the night with them, so we didn’t bring clothes to change into at the end of the day. We should’ve known better because the boys knocked a couple of drinks back before they realized that they had one too many. I, on the other hand, was too sleepy-groggy to drive all the way back to San Diego, so I booked us a room at a nearby hotel on a whim.

If you know me well, then you know that I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) get to bed without taking a shower. No matter how tired (nor sick) I am, I would make that effort to get in the shower and freshen up before bed. Since we came unprepared, we had to improvise. We did take a shower, but instead of wearing the same clothes again to bed, we slept (or at least Roan did) in bathrobes! You have no idea how restless I had gotten that night that in spite of my exhaustion, I was unable to get some sleep.

The following morning, Roan got up early for a quick Target run to buy some “travel essentials.” Once we’ve freshened up and checked out, we stopped by Ron and Jan’s house again for breakfast before heading back to San Diego.

Do you get that dreadful feeling of going back to work after a long weekend? That was me on Tuesday morning, but I sucked it up, and got ready for work. You know what else I wasn’t ready for? Finding out that my car’s battery went dead over the weekend. I got lucky that Roan had a job interview and was out-of-office, so he was able to drive me to work that morning. Roan wanted to try and fix it when he got home, but I insisted that he spend his energy on his imminent job interview, then we’ll worry and figure things out afterwards.

I, on the other hand, kept thinking about my car and was so restless at work, so I told Roan to come and pick me up at work as soon as he’s done with his job interview. Fortunately, the company he went to is only 10 minutes away from mine and is on his way, so it was convenient for both of us. When we got home, he tried to jump-start my car several times, but it wouldn’t budge, so we decided to call the roadside assistance to tow my car to the shop. Here’s the thing, though—we live in a nice apartment complex with multilevel parking garage. The parking structure height clearance is not conducive for large towing trucks, so when they arrived (two hours later), they couldn’t even get into the garage. Meanwhile, Roan was getting frustrated with both my car and the towing company that’s proving to be useless, so he attempted to hook my car up again for about 20 minutes. That must have done the trick because my car finally started! As soon as it did that, Roan announced that he’ll drive my car to the shop himself (and forget about roadside assistance altogether), while I got on our SUV to accompany him. Long story short, we had the Monday-est Tuesday ever.

You would think that after all that’s happened in the first four days of September, the universe would be kinder to me, but that wasn’t the case. That same week I took my car in for battery replacement and service, I caught a nasty cold/flu. Could be worse, right? I was pretty much useless, but I still tried to get some work done (at least from home because I’m considerate) because I’m crazy like that. It was so bad that sleeping had become difficult while dealing with a very scratchy throat, sneezing, and runny nose. I was pretty much over it by the third day of being in that awful situation. I spent the rest of the week recuperating, and hoped to start the new week fresh and renewed.

On the Flip Side

Thank God I got over that rough patch at the beginning of the month because things got better the following days. One of the highlights of our September was when we saw CHVRCHES perform live at SDSU. When I learned a few months ago that they’re going to kick off their Love is Dead tour here in San Diego, I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to see them again after three years.

That same weekend, Roan and I were invited to Jan’s sister’s birthday party at their new house in LA. We were so honored to have been part of the celebration because most of the people in the party were their blood-related family. Since we drove all the way from San Diego, they offered one of their rooms for us to spend the night over in. It was a crazy weekend—certainly one that we’d talk about in the months (and even years) to come!

Finally, Roan and I had started going out with my siblings- and cousin-in-law on a Friday nights. Although exhausting, coming from work and all that, we appreciate the time we spend catching up on each other’s lives. So, how’s this for an update?

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  • Nice to know I’m not the only one who blogs this way – I’m constantly forgetting to post and then coming back and adding something after a long while.

    I found your blog recently because I’ve just moved to San Diego after 8 years in Chicago – so maybe I’ll see you around some time!

    • Hi, Allyson! I’m so sorry I’m replying to your comment just now! I read your comment on the day you posted it; just didn’t remember to act upon it until now!

      I think it helps that I keep a diary, so it’s easier for me to look back on what had happened in a month; otherwise, I would’ve missed a lot of details in my blog posts. Haha!

      Oh, welcome to America’s Finest City! How are you liking it so far??