It’s a Wrap, September!

It’s Wednesday morning as I write this. I had a late start today because we got home at 1 o’clock from watching Paramore: Tour Two concert at the Greek Theatre last night (more on that later). Roan still managed to go to work in spite the lack of sleep, while I take advantage of working from the comforts of our home today. He even made me breakfast before heading to work this morning, which I find so thoughtful yet undeserving of.

Today’s first order of business (other than consuming the hotdogs and egg my husband has prepared for me) is to load the laundry into the wash. I’ve mastered the art of multitasking, and I simply can’t work from home without doing some chores on the side. While the laundry runs, I check my bullet journal to see what else I had set to accomplish for the day. I usually revisit my monthly calendar (current and the next) to ensure that all bills are paid on time (or in advance) and are well-accounted for.

So Long, Summer!

I peruse the month of September for the last time, and feel a pang in my chest. Summer is officially over. All signs of summertime are gone. The temperatures have noticeably dropped and while a true fall foliage is next to non-existent in this part of the country, everywhere you look screams autumn. Let me tell you this—I had the best summer (yet)! This month definitely went by quicker than I had imagined.

Sunset-watching with Mom and Dad at Oceanside Pier

Reunited and It Feels So Good

We had Mom and Dad over for two weeks—with both their birthdays coincided their trip—and I still haven’t fully recovered from that. I was a wreck as soon as we parted ways at the airport (we didn’t leave until they got through security and I saw Dad wave goodbye). I cried my eyes out for the majority of our drive back to San Diego, and I slept my misery off for the rest of that weekend.

I’ve been trying to write about the highlights of their trip since last week, but I couldn’t bring myself to proceed without feeling emotional about it. One day, I’ll get around to finishing it (or maybe not at all). Either way, we definitely loved having them around, albeit short and quick.

Paramore: Tour Two

Probably the best way to cap the summer season off (although technically, it’s already fall) is seeing Paramore perform live for the second time! All the hassle I went through as soon as their new album dropped in May were all worth it in the end. Don’t even get me started with the 3.5-hour long drive we had to endure through LA traffic, almost missing out on Best Coast‘s entire performance! (P.S. They were a perfect fit in opening the show for Paramore‘s North American tour!)

I somewhat grew up with Paramore, and I witnessed how much the band and their music have changed over the years (much to some people’s disappointment). Gone are their angsty teenager selves; Paramore has evolved into a more vulnerable yet mature band, and you best believe I’m very much staying for that.

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  • I am such a big Paramore fan! I also didn’t realize that you bullet journal! It’s something I have been interested in trying for a while – can’t wait to check out your posts about it!

    • Well, hello, Paramore sister! Have you been to their concerts? You have to go at least once in this lifetime! Yes, I do! I do have an Instagram account dedicated for that, but I haven’t updated it since May. Haha! Highly recommend that you try it, too!

    • Oh, boy. I’m so sorry I missed your comment, Kim! Thank you, and I’m happy to have spent some quality time with them while they were in town. I miss them so!

  • Awww, what an awesome season for you! I’m so glad your parents’ trip was a hit! I can’t imagine having to say goodbye to my mom and dad for such a long period of time 🙁
    We saw Paramore a few years ago and I’ve been a fan from the start. They’ve definitely changed, but I enjoy their music regardless!

    • Thank you, Louise! I say this to my friends all the time—I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through that, being away from family is hard (especially if you grew up in a close-knit setup). Life goes on for both of us, but we’re really hoping that my brothers make it out here next year, too.

      They are amazing, aren’t they? Not a dull moment in their concert (even for someone like Roan who doesn’t know most of their songs!). Hahaha!

  • I’m glad you had such a great time with your parents! Gosh, I remember feeling the same way when mine left (when we lived there and they’d visit.) Yours are so much farther away than mine were and the gaps in between seeing them so much farther apart! I can’t imagine.

    I am so jealous of you guys seeing Paramore (twice)! I wanted to go when they played the Irvine Amphitheater but it sold out in like 5 seconds. Boo. Maybe one day. I was one of their young angsty fans when they first came out…that first album really takes me back to a great time in my life! Love it.

    • It was exhausting, but so worth it! Too bad my brothers missed out on the fun, but we’ll get there (hopefully) next year! The silver lining is that Mom gets to visit whenever for the next 10 years! 🙂

      Haha I’m so sorry! You well know how much of Paramore fan I am, too! I literally camped out in front of my computer when tickets were released! I’m definitely going to see them again and again and again until they stop touring altogether. 😀 You would’ve loved their set the other day! They played a medley of old and classic Paramore songs and new ones! I danced and sang my lungs out the entire time!