September Goals

I couldn’t be any happier because the -ber months are here! When I think of September, the first things that come to mind are my parents’ birthdays. Christmastime comes next. This year, however, is going to be a little different because I’m actually looking forward to experience the fall season! Don’t get me started with all-things-fall because I can’t wait to bundle up in layers, wear boots, and sport darker lipstick shades. I get cold easily, but I feel like I’m made for the season.

Last Month’s Goals in Retrospect

Practice photography. All upcoming travel posts here on SCATTERBRAIN will feature photos that I took from my Sony Alpha a6000 camera. I’m still getting the hang of shooting in manual mode, but it’s been exciting thus far!

Introduce a variety of topics on the blog. Well, I kind of did that, but ended up posting a lot of travel backlogs from our trip to Palm Springs in July.

Be on a semi-shopping ban. Who am I kidding? I may have lasted only a couple of days before I allowed myself to fall into the trap of discount coupons, sale, and everything shopping-related. I feel horrible oftentimes.

Get a driver’s license. Well, I did take my written driving exam and passed it. The behind-the-wheel driving test doesn’t take place until mid-October because the DMV is already fully-booked for the entire September.

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September Goals

Roan got me a new car last weekend. It’s actually an SUV, which is big enough for the two of us, but is amazing for road trips. He could’ve kept his Camaro, but he decided to trade it in because that bad boy is becoming more and more high maintenance and costly by the day. He’s taking several trips to the gas station every week, and it’s like literally watching money go down the drain. Roan has had it for three years, and thought it was time to let his sports car go. He’s in the market for a regular sedan, though—one that he can just take to and from work on weekdays.

I think we made the best decision because brand new vehicles, in general, are more fuel efficient than older ones. My guy knows Automotives more than I do, so I simply trust his judgment. The only thing I worried about was which exterior/interior color combination to choose.

We’re actually saving a lot more on the car insurance, car payments, and fuel consumption, so I plan on consolidating our bills. By this, I mean reviewing all monthly recurring bills such as rent and utilities, plus credit card balances. We need to learn to cut down on certain things in order to save for future investments, but still have enough dispensable resources for travel and leisure. Being an adult is hard, but it can be rewarding, too!

Practice driving. I can drive around the city, but I need to practice driving to meet the DMV’s expectations during the behind-the-wheel test. One particular thing I need to get used to is actually looking over my shoulder before changing lanes (read: to not simply rely on looking at the rear and side mirrors).

Update my resumé. Because I know that I’m going to be driving more often in the coming weeks, I think it’s time I start looking for a job. Roan doesn’t really pressure me into working already, but two paychecks are always better than one, right?

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