Scream and Shout

I have only been to a few live concerts in my 20-something years of existence. My first ever concert experience was when I third-wheeled with Mom and Dad’s supposedly romantic date in 2000. The rest were spent with college friends. Our university holds annual Christmas celebration called Paskuhan that is open for students and guests alike. Such event is always held at the grandstand and open field, which is conducive for live concert scenes. The student body invites several local artists to perform for the crowd.

Although I got nowhere close to the mosh pit ever, I looked forward to attending Paskuhan every year. I feel a whole new level of euphoria when you are in a live concert scene, most especially if I listen to whoever is playing on stage. It gives me chills when the crowd starts to sing and dance along to their favorite songs.

One of the things I look forward to in coming to the US is the greater chance of being able to catch my best-loved artists play on stage. I have actually talked Roan into this, and although he is not into this sort of thing, he supports me with my aspiration. After all, to dream is free.

Here are 10 bands I wish to watch perform live in no particular order:

Snow Patrol • ColdplayParamoreCHVRCHESYellowcard • Florence & The Machine • Rise Against • The National • Muse • Mumford & Sons • Death Cab for Cutie

I swear if I see at least half of these bands perform live in this lifetime, I’m totally going to lose it! Until then, I’m simply a groupie wannabe.

Who do you wish to watch perform live on stage?

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