The Year That Was: My 2018 Year-Ender

Let me begin by saying holy mackerel, we’re out with the old, and in with the new (year)! Anyone else feels like 2018 flew by just like that? Because to me, it did, and it’s so crazy! Waiting on something (or someone) that might take an entire year? Don’t worry—one year seems nothing these days! It’ll be over before you even realize it!

Reflecting on 2018 made me realize and appreciate the intangible things even more. My heart explodes just thinking about the abundance of love, support, and prayers we received from our dear family and friends this year. They’re truly what we’re most grateful for, and never will we take them for granted. Rest assured that Roan and I will continuously pray for them and their families! We truly believe that we were able to surpass every challenge—big or small—that came our way through the power of prayer. A testament that the Lord never sleeps!

Anyway, it’s that time again to reminisce the highlights of the year that was. Together, let’s look back on what 2018 brought us. Some are eventful, some are not, but these are what made our year very interesting.

January to March
  • As I look back on highlights from January, I realized that I’ve somehow neglected my Hobonichi journal/planner in the middle of the year. I still used the planner to track my bills payments, but I’ve left the rest of the pages blank, which is really unfortunate. Currently, I use this planner heavily for tracking work to-do’s and meeting schedules, which has been really helpful.
  • We finally met Patricia and her husband Carlo in the flesh. It’s crazy to think that we haven’t seen them for almost an entire year until Roan and I bumped into Pat at one of our favorite local coffee shops a few weeks ago!
  • I published my last sponsored post in February, and it remains to be one of this blog’s buzz-makers!
  • In March, Roan and I made a bold decision of quitting our jobs at the same time without any backup plans because when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. It was scary and traumatizing, but it only gets better from here!
April to June
  • We had planned on going to Big Bear in the springtime with my in-laws way before that life-changing event in March, so we still pushed through even though Roan had just started with his new job and I remained unemployed at the time. It was the first time in a long time that all four siblings traveled together, and we had a great time!
  • Also in mid-April, I had signed with my new employer, but I didn’t get onboard until June 1st because for whatever reason, my name didn’t get cleared from background check. My new coworkers nearly cried when I finally showed up on my first day—they were afraid that I got tired of waiting and searched somewhere else, which I could’ve done if I wanted to!
  • It was also around this time when I finally received my 10-year green card, which also indicated that I can start working on my naturalization process! I still haven’t gotten around to finalizing my application, though, but it’s definitely on top of my to-do’s for 2019!
July to September
  • I would say that July was a special month because we went to see Paramore (again) perform live for their #Tour5 concert series. Their After Laughter album was such a hit that they opened a new set of shows in North America. You know I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of being part of their epic concert again, especially if they’re playing right here in San Diego!
  • The most interesting part about last summer? Roan and I never went to the beach like we did last year! It was just too hot (and humid) for my liking that I’d rather stay indoors with the cool air conditioning than get a massive headache from being out in the sun!
  • In September, my car decided to die on me on my first day back to work after the Labor Day weekend. Thankfully, Roan was home because he had an appointment that same morning, so he gave me a hand in sorting things out. Talk about perfect timing!
  • Also in Q3 did we see CHVRCHES perform live again here in San Diego to kick off their Love is Dead concert tour. It’s been three years since they released an album and went on tour, so it was really special to welcome them back into the music scene with brand new tracks!
October to December
  • Roan and I finally met Annie and her beautiful family in October! They were in town for a friend’s wedding, and I was so glad that they agreed to meet up with us. We took them to Fireside By The Patio in Liberty Station, and we caught up like real-life old friends over brunch. Her little one, Florence, is an absolutely ball of sunshine!
  • The last few months of the year is my absolute favorite because it’s around this time when we celebrate a lot with family (and friends). For my birthday, we went back to see The Sierra with my brother-in-law and his fur baby, Archer, in tow. I’m sure it would have been much more fun if my sisters-in-law were able to make it on this trip, but they just started at their new jobs, so they couldn’t come with.
  • This also meant back-to-back celebrations for us since Roan and I honored our fifth wedding anniversary; helped throw a Filipino-themed birthday party for our godson; and stayed in town to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with family.

I don’t know what 2019 (or the future in general) holds for us, but we do know who holds our future. We leave it all up to the Lord to surprise us and lead us the way to the unknown. God has been so kind and faithful to us this year, and we know that He will continue to shower us with His grace. In 2019, we pray to not only receive what we deserve from God’s blessings, but to be a blessing to others as well. Here’s to wishing y’all a happy and prosperous new year!

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