The Year That Was: My 2017 Year-Ender

…and just like that, we’re well into the New Year! I planned on having this post up before 2017 ended, but making the most of our holiday break won over. I still can’t believe that I’m doing this again; it feels like I just wrote about the highlights of 2016 (which also happens to be my favorite). I have been doing this for the last couple of years, and it’s really the best way for me to remember things. You have no idea how often I’d referred to my own blog whenever Roan and I try to recall important dates.😅 Although this post is somewhat redundant since I also do monthly round-ups, I’ve decided to continue doing so, more for my personal reference than anyone else’s. Besides, I get a kick out of reminiscing what transpired in the previous year, so these year-enders are here to stay!

If you ask me how 2017 compares to the last, I’d tell you that the only difference is we didn’t get to travel much this year. Twenty sixteen was definitely a year of traveling for us, and while we missed exploring new places one after the other, 2017 was nothing short of amazing. Anyway, onto the highlights:

January to March

  • While everyone rang the new year with a bang, Roan and I chose to kick 2017 off by staying indoors. We binge-watched on several TV shows and movies, had pizza delivered, and just set up camp in our living room the whole day(in our PJs, no less)!
  • In January, Roan and I visited our friends, Ron and Jan, to see their month-old baby, Adler, but the excitement quickly dissipated when the Seahawks didn’t make it to the SuperBowl.😅 (P.S. It sucks that they’re not going to make it again this year.😞)
  • We celebrated Roan’s 30th birthday at Seasons 52 in La Jolla and gave him a ukulele as my birthday gift. [UPDATE: He hasn’t touched his ukulele in months!]
  • A day after Roan’s birthday, I mailed my I-751 application to USCIS. Almost a year today, the process still hasn’t progressed, which absolutely sucks.
  • In February, Roan and I joined a full moon hike at Cowles Mountain with REI. It’s supposed to be an easy-to-moderate hike, but I’ve never hiked in the wintertime before, so it was quite challenging [for me] to say the least.
  • In March, Roan and I stopped by the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar where we were entertained by very interesting flock of birds!
  • Oh, and might I add that I finally finished reading all seven books from the Harry Potter series in 2017! Better late than never, I guess?


April to June

Solana Beach, California

July to September

  • Roan and I spent the 4th of July weekend at the beach, no less! We pretty much spent our weekends at the beach the entire summer if I’m being honest here.
  • We went on two road trips in July—first was a trip to Big Bear where we made a quick stopover at the March Field Air Museum and second was to see the Salvation Mountain in Imperial County.
  • In August, I finally met my blogger-turned-real-life friend, Shayne! Roan and I took her to one of our favorite dinner spots here in San Diego, and caught up like old friends would! Roan and I learned a lot about Anchorage from Shayne, and would love to visit her in Alaska (or somewhere else) one day!
  • I talk about our friends, Ron and Jan, a lot here on the blog, but did you know that they’ve never been to our place here in San Diego before? They finally came over one weekend (just a day trip), and we were able to briefly take them to Seaport Village where we strolled and had some grilled Mexican street corn (elote) for snacks.
  • One of my most favorite highlights of 2017 was having both Mom and Dad over for two weeks here in San Diego. It’s our first time not traveling during the Labor Day weekend, which also happened to be Mom’s birthday weekend, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It was also Mom’s first time here in California, and she loved it here. Hopefully, I get to see my brothers this year!
  • If having my parents all to myself for two weeks wasn’t amazing enough, Roan and I got to see Paramore perform live again last September! I had so much fun singing (and dancing) along to both their new and classic songs! It was the best!

Roan Marries Jae in December 7, 2013

October to December

As with most year-in-reviews, I’d like to end this post with nothing else but gratitude. Like I mentioned before, 2017 wasn’t so bad, but it could’ve been better. Sure, Roan and I went through some highs and lows in the past year, but they key was going through them together, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. We remain grateful no matter what’s going on in our lives because when we continue to do so, and we become optimistic through the toughest roadblocks, we can take on just about anything. We’re thankful for the year that has been, and we look forward to whatever else the new year has in store for us! Hey, 2018, I’m ready.

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    • Thanks, Kim! It was indeed amazing! It’s a cute little bird sanctuary (that Roan discovered, actually). Make sure you go when you’re in town!

  • Sounds like 2017 was a good year, even if it turned out a bit more low key! It’s awesome that you guys got to visit some neat places in the US and that your family got to visit you too. I hope you’ll have a great 2018 and end up doing and seeing more of what you want 🙂

    • It was a good year, indeed! In hindsight, I sounded like I complained we didn’t get to travel or do more last year, but I really am grateful for opportunities such as having Mom and Dad over for two weeks. Thanks, Kasi, I hope you have an amazing 2018, too!

  • I feel like 2018 is going to be a good one, or at least I hope so! And that’s so cool you celebrated your birthday in Portland, love this city! 🙂


    • Let’s hope and pray 2018 will be a good one to all of us! Yes, Portland was amazing! Definitely will be coming back. Happy New Year, McKenzie!

  • Yay for finishing Harry Potter!
    And yay for all that time with your parents! I hope you get to see your brothers in 2018.
    You guys got to see lots of cool places this year 🙂

    • It’s been a long time coming, my friend, and I’m glad I can finally relate to everyone who’s read the entire series! Roan and I hope so, too! We’re keeping all our fingers and toes crossed on that one! Not enough places, but we did find some cool new ones! Thank you, Louise!

  • I hope your 2018 is amazing! I also hope we can meet in person this year. A trip to CA is very high on our list right now and that plan may start coming together in the next couple of months. It would possibly be May – July, so I’ll keep you posted!