Sawadee Krap!

Just by reading the title of this post, you should have figured by now what this is all about. Yes, this is about Thailand. And yes, we went there for our honeymoon. A lot of people from the wedding were asking where we’re going to for our much-anticipated R&R, but Roan and I had kept a secret to most friends because we wanted it to be a little surprise. Not that it really matters, but it’s funny how others would guess and speculate where we would spend it.

So, why Thailand?

It was sometime in June when I told Roan to start researching for our honeymoon destination. I was asked whether I wanted to spend it here in the Philippines or abroad, and I opted for the latter. While Fiji Island, Bahamas, and Maldives seem to be a perfect honeymoon spot, these were not practical-wise options most especially for us who haven’t even recovered from all the wedding expenses. Besides, the wedding was only a one-day affair. We should be preparing for a greater future ahead of us, shouldn’t we? Thus, we limited our options to neighboring Asian countries. With Roan’s thorough research, he finally convinced that we should go to Thailand. Incidentally, newlywed friends of ours also went to Thailand for their honeymoon. [As courtesy, we avoided the island they went to.]

Obligatory couple shot at the airport
Air-borne, overlooking Manila (left); Air-borne, overlooking Bangkok (right)

We left Manila a week after our wedding. It felt like ages ago when I last travelled (Singapore, October–November 2007), so I was relying on Roan most of the time since we arrived at the airport. Upon checking-in, we had light breakfast, and amused ourselves while we wait for boarding time. It’s a good thing I brought my iPad with me; I had the chance the catch up with my reading (Divergent by Veronica Roth).

Touchdown: Bangkok | Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Although it was a short trip from Manila to Bangkok, Roan upgraded our seats to those located by the emergency exit with a wider leg room, so we instantly fell asleep a few minutes upon taking off. We arrived in Bangkok a little over lunch time (good thing Philippine Airlines served delicious meal in-flight), and we had a 2-hour layover. My husband and I strolled at the airport to kill time, and stumbled into the airport cafeteria. There we decided to get ourselves some drinks from McDonald’s, and ate our leftover bread for snacks.

Welcome to Krabi

We had another 1.5-hour domestic flight from Bangkok to KrabiKrabi is a southern province on Thailand’s Andaman seaboard with perhaps the country’s oldest history of continued settlement. After dating stone tools, ancient colored pictures, beads, pottery and skeletal remains found in the province’s many cliffs and caves, it is thought that Krabi has been home to Homo Sapiens since the period 25,000 – 35,000 B.C. In recorded times it was called the ‘Ban Thai Samor‘, and was one of twelve towns that used, before people were widely literate, the monkey for their standard. At that time, c. 1200 A.D., Krabi was tributary to the Kingdom of Ligor, a city on the Kra Peninsula’s east coast better known today as Nakhon Si Thammarat. Upon arrival at the Krabi International Airport, we were greeted by our hotel’s driver whom we named “Regatton” because his name sounded like it (a terrible case of poor memory retention).

Our all-day travel was concluded by a 45-minute drive from the airport to the hotel. I busied myself observing around the city on our way, and realized that Krabi was a lot like Manila at first glance. Wow, that was exhausting! That’s all for now, friends. I’ll share more on our Krabi honeymoon experience in my succeeding posts, so stay tuned!

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