Snapshots from San Diego Zoo (Spring 2016)

I’m slowly easing my way back into blogging, so expect to see tons of posts that are at least six months late. I still can’t commit to a definite blogging schedule, but y’all are awesome troopers, so thanks for being patient with me amidst this hurdle.

I’ve been living in San Diego for a year and half now, but I haven’t really explored much of San Diego as a local. I mean, my last San Diego-related post was from Christmas last year. Yikes. In an attempt to rectify this, Roan and I got ourselves annual memberships at the San Diego Zoo. We thought we got a really good deal with our membership since it includes unlimited entry to the Safari Park in Escondido, too.

We were expecting a breezy 60-degree weather on the day we decided to go, but instead got a hot and humid weather. It’s impossible to explore the entire zoo in one visit, and Roan wanted to see more, but with that weather, I just wasn’t up to it. I was particularly hoping for a weather like when we visited Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

Can we please stop to admire the beauty that is this peacock? I could watch and wait for it to display its tail all day. I hope you feel the same way about them, too!

We haven’t been back since this trip in Spring, I guess we should maximize our membership this fall or winter season while the cold and breezy weather lasts!

I know that a lot of people advocate animal rights, so they oppose to the idea of zoos, and I respect that. Just because I don’t have a furry friend of my own, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about them at all. It’s a very controversial issue that deserves a post of its own. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a few snapshots from our day trip to the San Diego Zoo last spring!

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    • Hi, Ann! Welcome to SCATTERBRAIN, and thank you for stopping by! Don’t flamingoes scream summer?? I think it’s time we make another trip to the zoo this season! 🙂

  • Love this! I’ve been wanting to go here foreverrrrr. One of my best friends moved to San Diego a few months ago, so I’m sure I’ll be visiting her sometime in the near future. It’d be so cool to meet you, too! 🙂 And I totally get that strange zoo-hate people have, but at the same time, a lot of zoos work really hard to help a lot of the animals in captivity. Rehabilitation, etc. My company does a lot of concrete/shotcrete work for zoo exhibits and I’ve gotten strange side-eyed looks from people who don’t support zoos when I tell them that’s like 90% of my company’s business. But my boss cares a lot about making sure the animals have a realistic exhibit and we do so much research to make sure their exhibits feel comfortable and home-like. But at the same time, I can understand why people are uncomfortable about it… It’s a touchy subject!

    • Agreed! It really is a touchy subject especially for those who advocate animal rights, but believe me when I say that the zoos here are so much better than what we have back home (in Manila), and I truly believe that animals in captivity here are in good hands. Ohh, let me know when you’re in town; I’ll make it up to you for when I failed to meet you up in Seattle last year! Must warn you though that I’m very awkward in real life!