Let me walk you through a little history on how my husband and I ended up in San Diego. Roan has lived in three different states in America. Most of his teenage years were spent in Spokane, WA with his auntie then he moved to Killeen, TX when he was stationed in Fort Hood during his active service in the US Army. After two deployments to Iraq, Roan decided to opt out of active service, and moved with most of his relatives in California. Roan has lived with his relatives in San Diego since November 2012 until I came into the picture, and eventually moved out to rent a space of our own (more on that later).

Remember that time when Roan took an extra day off from work two days after we arrived in the US? He called in sick, but the truth is he just wanted to drive and show me around the city. I can’t tell you how excited he was about taking me to places as if I’m only staying for a couple of weeks. We had a glorious—albeit chilly—weather that day when we drove to Torrey Pines States Reserve. Have I mentioned that this is, by far, my favorite trail to run and hike in?

When we grew tired of admiring the beauty that is the beach, (which is, by the way, next to impossible) we went to one of Roan’s and Patrick’s (my brother-in-law) favorite sandwich place called Board & Brew. Pat discovered this hidden gem when he was surfing in Del Mar, and eventually became their go-to place for when they’re craving for some comfort food. Their sandwiches may look ordinary and nothing special, but the awesome “secret sauce” is what makes them a hit to many.

After lunch, we drove further up north to visit Pat. Pat has been living in Encinitas for almost a year now. Thanks to his awesome employer who not only gives him a paycheck one cannot refuse, but a free accommodation in an apartment that is literally situated at the top of a cliff, overlooking the San Diego coastline.

We spent the rest of Pat’s lunch break hanging out by their patio, talking about the must-see places around town with the gorgeous ocean in the background. When it was time for him to return to work, Roan and I decided to stroll along the Historic Highway 101, also known as El Camino Royal (The Royal Road), which reminds me so much of Route 66 from the movie, Cars. Don’t ask me how or why; it just does. Anyway, it was dubbed historic because it is a major north-to-south link along the Pacific Coast that connects Washington, Oregon, and California.

I couldn’t remember how long we walked along the highway, but when it was time to leave, Roan spontaneously decided to drive by Carlsbad and Oceanside to show me more of his favorite places to go to.

For a first-timer in the US like myself, San Diego is a benchmark pretty difficult to live up to. I’ve read and heard a lot about California since the majority of the Filipino immigrants are settled there, but no one has told me how beautiful San Diego is until I saw it for myself. Living in the North San Diego County is like living a dream, and I can’t wait to discover more about this city. While living in San Diego is costly compared to the other states Roan has lived in, we are adamant in staying in the city for as long as we can afford. Who says no to perfect weather all year round?

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