Radio Silence No More (at Least for Now)

Greetings, SCATTERBRAIN readers, old and new! You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity of publishing a blog post real-time. I know I post my monthly updates without fail—no matter how crazy life gets—but it feels delightful when I actually show up here by surprise. C’mon, I know you feel the same way, too!😉

Let’s call this the mid-month check-in, and fill you in with what’s been going on. As of June 1st, I’m officially on “school break.” I turned in my final school requirement a week in advance, thus making my school break longer by almost a month before summer quarter starts. As much as I want to skip school this summer, I’d fall further behind the program (since I skipped last winter class, and I plan on skipping it again this year), so that’s not an option. In reality, it really won’t matter much, but I’m interested in getting into another program after I complete this one, so time is very much of the essence.

If you’ve been following along my Instagram, you will have known that I recently got sick. What started as pollen allergies led to an actual viral infection, which resulted to an acute pharyngitis. Imagine not being able to sleep due to sore, dry, and scratchy throat. You try to cough, and you’d think that someone might as well punch you in the throat in such condition.

Roan and I are usually in bed by 9, but I gave up and got up at around 2:30 in the morning to make some warm salt solution rinse for my throat. I even went as far as making myself some hot lemon and ginger tea to help sooth my aching throat. In an attempt not to disrupt my husband’s deep slumber, I decided to stay in the living room, and watch the last three episodes of Nashville until I fell back into sleep. The next thing I realized, Roan’s hand was on my forehead, declaring that we make a trip to the urgent care right away.

I’m back at work today, feeling so much better than the last few days. I’m still on the mend, and especially waiting to recover my voice. Right now I sound so horrible when I talk that people at work kept asking what happened. I usually try to avoid getting sick at all costs (because it impedes productivity), but this has been the worst since I last fell ill. I am reminded by the fact that my body can only take so much. I’m 30 (!!!), and I no longer have the resistance of the 20-year-old version of myself, so this is probably the best time to put some things into perspective. I’ve got to start prioritizing and practicing self-care more than anything else in order to function at full capacity again.

I wish I could take a month off from work, but I’m saving that up for another time. I’m naturally diligent with work, but I recognize that I also need a break, so I’m going to take it easy. Perhaps I’ll catch up on some reading or get back on things I enjoy doing on the side (i.e., blogging). I know this sounds counterproductive, but I haven’t really had the time to do these things lately, and I could use some free time to actually do something for myself. Maybe you’ll hear more from me in the next couple of days or weeks, or maybe not at all. Either way, I hope you stick around.

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  • I’m so late but I’m hoping you’re feeling much better now, ate! Ang hirap talaga ng inuubo lalo na sa gabi! Kapag may ubo ako, laging ganyan kalala! Kaya nakaready agad yung lemon/calamansi and honey!! Hahaha!

    • Thanks, Jamie! I’ve fully recovered, pero grabe ‘yung bout na ‘yun. Second time pa lang nangyari sa’kin ‘yung ganun kalala eh. ‘Yung first may respiratory track infection ako. ‘Yung boses ko hindi bumalik for two weeks! Paos ako as in boses palaka, ganun. Hahaha!

  • Aw, Jae. An illness and even work can get us down – even when we do not work hard. Working on a daily basis can be tiring in itself. And sometimes we need that little break, we need a little time for ourselves and to allow more time for hobbies. You deserve the rest. I can always tell you are a diligent worker, too. 😉

    Glad Roan is taking the best care of you

    • Thanks so much, Georgie! My sickness went on for another week, but I’ve been feeling perfectly fine since. Spring season does that to both of us, so I’m just glad that it’s over because it’s official summer in San Diego!

  • Yay I’m excited that you’re back! Whoa that infection sounds awful, I’m glad that you’re feeling better! Congrats on being done with school at least for a little bit. You should definitely get some proper rest and just take it easy, you deserve it 🙂

    • At least for now, my friend! Yes, I’m finally starting to recover my voice, so that’s a good sign! I do hope I’d catch up on some reading, though. I’m far behind!

  • So sweet of Roan to pull you off the couch and take you to the dr! I’m glad your feeling a little bit better. And yay for a school break!!

    • Hahaha! He was actually upset that I didn’t bother wake him up initially, so it was more like “Get up, and get ready. I’ll take you to the doctor now.” in a not-so-very-sweet tone. Hahaha!

  • Glad you’re feeling better, but still, get well!! I don’t usually get sick but when I do, it would be so bad as well, so same, I try to avoid it at all costs. Looking forward though to reading more from you here. 🙂 And your photos always leave me in awe.

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

    • Heya, Louise! Thank you! I feel so much better today, hence I was able to get back to work; it’s just my voice that hasn’t been back to normal. Haha! Aww thank you, thank you