Photos That Didn’t Make It

Confession time! In spite of having the biggest storage memory on my iPhone, I’m not comfortable keeping a lot of photos and videos in my media gallery. Maybe it’s just me, but doing so makes me anxious that I risk getting rid of them altogether at once. This weekend, I did just that. I transferred some of our travel photos to my external hard drive, and sent most of the edited ones to Roan for additional backup.

Here are some photos that didn’t make it here on the blog and/nor on Instagram at the time they were taken, but do now:

This was taken during the first few feet of hiking up the Broken Hill Trail at the Torrey Pines State Reserve in April. That huge slab of rock is usually full of people taking in the view of the Pacific.
Here’s a photo of an original pilot log book in 1918, taken from the Air & Space Museum at Balboa Park. I thought this was special because the handwriting reminded me that of my grandfathers’.

These two photos were taken from our trip to the USS Midway Museum. To make the tour more interesting, they had these dummy figures set up in some rooms and even added some sound effects, too. #CREEPY
“Our Silences” at Seaport Village
With the summer season coming to a close soon, here’s a photo of Roan carrying a surfboard on the First Day of Summer. It’s probably the heaviest surfboard ever; I was so scared it would hit my head when we went surfing with Patrick!
Taken at La Jolla Shores; this was probably the last time I saw this many clouds since April.
Roan took this photo when he climbed up the old Point Loma Lighthouse. The entryway was so tight that only one person can fit at a time. He said it’s otherwise beautiful up there.

My rule in saving media is simple. If they were taken from a place I most likely won’t be able to come back to in a while, then they will definitely be archived; otherwise, they shall be deleted once they made it here on the blog or when Roan gets copies of them. The latter most likely applies to places I’ve been to here in San Diego. You know, the ones that Roan and I can revisit over and over again at very little to no expense (i.e., Balboa Park, La Jolla Cove, Historic Old Town San Diego, and Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial).

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