Paramore: Ain’t It Fun?

Exactly a month before Roan came to the Philippines to get me, he surprised me with tickets to Paramore‘s Writing The Future intimate concert at the San Diego State University. I almost flipped out when I realized that I’m finally ticking Paramore off of this list!

The show didn’t start until eight o’clock, but Roan and I were already in the area by around 5PM. We had early dinner at Tokyo Sushi Loha just in case we get caught up looking for a decent parking spot and in a long queue while waiting for the gates to open. Thankfully, there’s a dedicated parking area for those going to the event, which is safe and secured. It’s a 5-minute walk from the open theater, but we’re not in a rush, so we didn’t mind.

There were about a dozen people waiting in line ahead of us when we arrived in the area. Most of them were probably in high school or college, and I couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves for being one of the first to arrive in the scene. It fascinates me that majority of the kids there probably didn’t even know the band existed since 2004.

They opened the gates about half an hour before the show started, then the line was divided into two—for the ladies and the gentlemen—for inspection. It was drizzling when we got there, so I had a folding umbrella in my bag. I tried to assure security that it will not be used while inside the premises, but failed miserably. I know I could’ve just thrown it away in the trash, but I’ve had it since my college days, so there’s no other option but to walk back to our car and leave it there. Roan was slightly annoyed, but I was too excited for the show to even bother. I kept praying that the reserved seats were legit as indicated on our tickets because it would’ve been awful if it turned out otherwise. Lo and behold, we were ushered to our seats when we got in, and I almost cried happy tears when I realized that Roan got us the best seats I could wish for! They’re perfect—not too close, not too far from the stage.

Copeland opened up for Paramore

Copeland, a band hailing from Florida, opened for Paramore. According to their lead singer, Aaron Marsh, they first saw Hayley Williams and her [then unnamed band] play at a local bar they were performing at in Florida. Hayley was only 15. For their Writing The Future tour, they invited Copeland to join and open the show for them to express their gratitude to the band.

An hour or so later, the crowd went wild when Hayley, along with the rest of Paramore, emerged from backstage. The music kicked off with Daydreaming‘s instrumentals, and that was our cue to get on our feet to dance and sing-along with the band! I got chills all over my body as soon as Hayley sang the first note, and waved to the crowd. It was amazing! 

Throughout the entire show, Hayley kept thanking the fans for their unwavering support since they started 11 years ago. I won’t lie; it sort of made me feel like the band’s bidding farewell to the music industry, and it’s something I’m not prepared to accept yet. Their intimate concert in San Diego was the penultimate leg of their Writing The Future tour. Their Parahoy! (Paramore Cruise) commences in March 2016, and it’s already been reported as sold out.

Roan, who only knows Ain’t It Fun among all 21 songs played the entire show, had a blast! My husband admitted that while he isn’t a fan of huge crowd and blaring music, he absolutely enjoyed every minute of watching Paramore perform live. It’s a wonderful experience for first-timers like ourselves! My brother Roi is also a fan of the band, and I just told him to save up for when Paramore returns to Manila because I’m sure it’s going to be worth it!

See Complete Setlist Here

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