It’s a Wrap, October!

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” The temperature here in San Diego has finally dropped by at least 20º! We had some joke of a weather last week, so I fully embrace waking up to a chilly morning today. It looks like fall has officially arrived in this part of the country!

Sunday Fun Day, a Baby Shower, and a Wedding After-Party

I didn’t think I’d enjoy following American football as much as I did with Philippine basketball (PBA). I grew up watching PBA games with my family, and seeing our favorite team play live in the arena always makes for a great family day! Roan has been a Seattle Seahawks fan since he was a kid, so I’ve become one by default. In case you didn’t know, Roan spent a portion of his childhood years in Spokane, WA, hence the choice of team to support. When we learned that Seahawks will play against the Rams in LA at the beginning of this NFL season, I copped tickets to the live game right away. Thankfully, the Seahawks won because it made sitting under the unforgiving sun for four hours all worth it!

In case you missed it

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Not much went on this month, except for back-to-back events scheduled on the same weekend. Roan and I got invited to a baby shower this month, and it was a very interesting one. I won’t delve much into the event’s “unconventional” details, but I will say that we spent more time driving/sitting in traffic than at the party itself. That’s how bad LA traffic is, folks! We had to leave as quickly as we had arrived because we had another event to go to. Our friend Jan’s sister got married on a yacht here in San Diego, and we were invited to come over to their hotel for the “after-party” (which pretty much involved recalling behind-the-scenes from their intimate wedding ceremony over booze, chips, and pizza). It was a quick reunion, but always a fun time reconnecting with Jan’s family.

What We’ve Been Watching Lately

I don’t watch that much TV (via Hulu/Netflix), but I’ve kept my eyes out on three of my current favorite shows that premiered this fall. I have set a reminder on both my iCalendar and bullet journal to remind me of latest episodes of This Is Us, Riverdale, and Grey’s Anatomy. I’m caught up with all three shows, and I’m pretty proud of myself. Roan, on the other hand, has been watching a lot of Empire, Top Gear, and Expedition Overland shows.

My Birthday Weekend

Roan had been asking me what I wanted to do/where I wanted to go for my birthday weekend this year, but we only agreed on that earlier this month. We haven’t had a proper vacation since our trip to The Sierra for Thanksgiving weekend last year, so we thought that an out-of-state trip is way overdue. You have to stay tuned for details of our destination, but if you have any guess on where that may be, then let me know in the comments below.😉

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  • Your October sounded fun! Fall has been late in the Northeast of America too. Only this week has it started to cool down! Can’t wait to hear where you’re going on vacation!

    • Not so much this month, though! We were at home most of the time this month, catching up on TV shows. It’s definitely more chill than when my folks were in town last month! YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It’s why we hardly go to LA unless completely necessary.

  • I love This is Us and my cousin got me into Riverdale too. Right now we’re binging the TBS show Good Behavior and loving it!

    You guys should go to Sedona! Only 5-6 hours, not too much farther than Phoenix or Vegas. Do it! Do it!

    We’ll be celebrating your birthday at the cabin this weekend 😉 haha

    • Ohh! We’ve seen a few episodes of the Good Behavior, but Roan got bored. Maybe we should give it another chance!

      Funny you mentioned that; I was just looking at Sedona/Flagstaff for Roan’s birthday weekend! Hahaha! They’ve been on our travel bucket list since my auntie went there for Thanksgiving weekend two years ago. 😀

      Sounds fun! Enjoy, guys!