It’s a Wrap, October!

Hi, guys! I’m checking in today to let you know that my blog is still alive. I found a small window to sit down and draft a blog post while I wait for our laundry in the dryer. In case anyone’s wondering, I haven’t quit blogging nor have I thought of giving it up altogether. I don’t mean to gloat; I’m just incredibly swamped with (school)work in the last couple of weeks. Here’s a mini update on what went down last month:

Work. Both Roan and I have been working closely with the management to rectify several nonconformity issues, which were overlooked by their former employees. The last couple of months has been dedicated for this purpose in case a major regulatory agency walks in to investigate how the business is doing.

School. We’re halfway into the course, and we started working on the initial stage of our final project last month. Setting up a reasonable timeline to get things done had been the most challenging task for me in this class. Sometimes, I wonder what I’d gotten myself into. Working full-time and being a somewhat full-time student is something not to be taken lightly.

Family Visit. Dad came to visit us again here in San Diego after a little over a year. He was once more sent to Chicago for a 5-day business trip, so we took the chance of letting him fly to the West Coast before heading back to Manila. Since Dad’s visit was more significant than the last, I’ve decided to share more on that in another blog post.

Other things worth mentioning is putting our Christmas tree up in October. Most Americans have found it weird since, for them, October means Halloween. I’m personally not a big fan of Halloween or dressing up for the occasion; in the Philippines, Christmastime begins as soon as the -ber months kick in anyway.

Oh, and my hair has grown longer.  (Like this is an eventful update.) I look at photos from our Seattle trip six months ago, and realize how much my hair has grown. It’s taking longer than usual to dry in the morning, but at least it’s not as humid in San Diego, so I don’t worry about frizz at all.


Insta Lately: Vol. 18

How are you doing, friends?

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