It’s a Wrap, (October and) November!

Why, yes, we are down to the last 30 days of the year, yet I haven’t had the chance to collect my thoughts about the month of October. It went by too fast that I couldn’t think of any significant event other than that one Friday night Roan and I went out with my cousin- and siblings-in-law.

Let me summarize it for you—my brother-in-law had been socially drinking since 1PM; we walked in the rain for a good mile or two to get to this authentic Chinese restaurant in North Park; got on the bridge to Coronado instead of heading towards downtown; then said brother-in-law suddenly felt too sick from all the drinking that we had to pull over on our way back so he could relieve himself. It was too epic that we would probably talk (and laugh) about it in every family gathering for the next couple of years.

This November, on the other hand, had been about doing some things differently. Roan and I moved our annual tradition of spending Thanksgiving in the mountains up to celebrate my #birthjaeweekend there, so we could spend Thanksgiving with family this year. My cousin- and sisters-in-law were supposed to join us on this trip, but were unable to due to their work schedules (they’re all nurses). In the end, Roan, his brother, his brother’s dog, and myself went on with our original plans.

I would tell you more about our trip, but I feel like it deserves a separate post altogether. It would have been much more fun if my in-laws were able to go like when we traveled with them for the first time last spring, but they could always join us the next time we plan on going!

This year, Roan and I joined our family at a delicious Thanksgiving lunch hosted by my cousin-in-law. He had been hosting Thanksgiving for the last three years since he bought a house in Central San Diego. We feasted on a few favorites—deep-fried turkey with cranberry sauce, oven-baked rib toast and mushroom gravy, macaroni salad and mashed potatoes. There was so much food; good thing Roan brought containers so we could take some leftover food home. We spent the rest of the day singing our hearts out since my other cousin-in-law brought their Magic Mic! God, I missed doing karaoke!

When we’ve exhausted all our energies, we decided to call it a day. Roan and I went home briefly to drop our leftover food off then I grabbed my camera bag in the hopes of taking some good Thanksgiving full moon photos! It had been mostly raining that day, so I wasn’t sure if I’d even get a single good shot of the full moon. We parked by the ocean to wait for the moon to emerge from the clouds and took as many shots as I could. What do you think of them?

While everyone’s going crazy over Black Friday deals, Roan and I went on a spontaneous road trip to Julian, which is about an hour drive east of San Diego. Julian is popular most especially in the fall for apple-picking season and in the winter for the holidays (added bonus when it snows!). It was a glorious 50-degree weather when we were there—a little chilly, but ultimately the perfect time to stroll about Downtown Julian, stopping at every boutique that tickled our fancy. We didn’t have apple pie or an apple cider, but we did buy some local goodies (i.e., plain and flavored sesame sticks, flavored peanuts, and apple butter) home.


No matter what the circumstances are, I will remain grateful for Roan, our families, and some friends. I recognize that not everyone is blessed with a wonderful husband (or partner in life), supportive and understanding families, and amazing friends, so I don’t take these people lightly.

If there’s one other thing I am thankful for, it’s probably that job Roan and I left in March. Both of us didn’t have any background in the industry when we went to work for them, but they took a chance on us, and we wouldn’t have gotten better opportunities if not for that reason alone. It wasn’t the best work experience, but it was at least the stepping stone we needed to remain in the career path that we’re taking on.

My current boss is amazing. My former boss does not even compare to the level of maturity and overall knowledge about the business and the industry as a whole. My boss today inspires and encourages me to learn more and she brings out the best in me. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this quote by William Raduchel, and I couldn’t agree more:

Don’t pick a job. Pick a boss. Your first boss is the biggest factor in your career success. A boss who doesn’t trust you won’t give you opportunities to grow.

Work-wise, some days are busier (and more stressful) than others, but it’s been great in general. Our company is currently undergoing some major changes, so I’ve taken on more responsibilities while others in our team focus on integration activities in the next few weeks. I’m so close to my transition to a full-time position, and it’s really what I’ve been looking forward to all this time. Damn, has it been six months since I accepted this job? Anyway, I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family!

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