October Goals

Whoa, we made it to October, folks! Are you as taken aback as I am realizing that there are only 85 days left until Christmas? (I know, right?)

Before I begin sharing my goals for this month, let me just say that I failed in most of my September goals, and it sucks. However, let me do a recap on what I have accomplished:

  • Update civil status/name change in driver’s licenseI did this! I was pretty certain I’d tick this off among others because Mom and Dad were due to renew their driver’s license last month, so I was able to join them when they did. Unfortunately, no license cards will be issued until December, hence I didn’t get any proof of such change except my receipt with my married name reflected on it.
  • No sickness. To tell you frankly, I didn’t notice that I managed not to get sick last month. Perhaps a slight change in my diet and sleep pattern helped me achieve this.
  • Working out. If grooving to Kinect’s Dance Central makes for a good sweat, then I did it!
  • Reading. I failed miserably in this context because I actually read five books last month. D’oh!
  • Be less critical. I’m a work in progress, but I’m proud to say that I am learning to put things in perspective, and deal with stuff in a more mature approach.

It was a pretty okay September, but I know that I could’ve done better. Let me try that again this October.


This month, I will exert more effort in accomplishing more immigration-related requirements in order to speed things up with my visa application. On top of my list is to secure a police clearance for travel purposes. Fulfilling this will complete the list of requirements necessary in attending a seminar at the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO). Completion of such seminar will allow me to have my married name reflected on my new passport. This step is essential because all records my husband submitted to the National Visa Center (NVC) indicated my married name. In other words, my husband needs a copy of my new passport in order to proceed.

Because I have not attended the seminar, it follows that I have not retrieved our wedding photo albums and video, too. I thought of driving to Manila last week to get these, but the weather wasn’t so good, thus I decided not to leave.

P.S. I’m still in the process of putting away stuff for goodwill…


I don’t think I can completely ward off my love for reading, so I will keep at it during my free time. However, something new will happen on the blog in the coming days, so y’all better stay tuned! (And yes, I couldn’t be more vague than that. Ha!)

Obviously, I will keep my goals for October focused more on immigration-related stuff because I’ve slacked off enough since I quit work in August. Here’s to hoping for a more productive month!

What have you planned for October?

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