November Goals

Everyone, welcome to my birth month! Has anyone guessed when my exact birthday is yet? I have an inkling that I’m sharing November as a birth month with a few of my favorite blogger friends. I wanted to share with you some common traits of those born in this month just for the heck of it, but I ended up amazed by how accurate the results were. According to this website, Scorpios like myself (hint hint) are focused, brave, balanced, faithful, ambitious, and intuitive. We are also jealous, secretive, resentful, and manipulative.

I’m sure Mom and Dad didn’t have to google these personality traits, but they always used most of the above-mentioned to describe me. Back when I was having trouble in my teenage years, Mom and Dad would write me a letter to call me out or try to “get through me”. It’s their way of telling me things I need to hear, regardless if they’re good or bad, without the risk of retaliating or answering back. Can’t say things have changed because the last time I received a letter from them was on the day I left for the US.

The month of November not only commemorates my birthday; it’s also during this time that we put up our Christmas tree at home in anticipation for the best time of the year. For most Americans, however, November means Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Last Month’s Goals in Retrospect

Send balikbayan box to the Philippines. Roan and I have decided to delay on this one since we haven’t filled our box yet (not even with Aunt Marie’s stuff in it). Shopping can definitely wait.

Get at least 5 miles in of cardio workout. I didn’t do it every day nor every other day, but I did so at least twice a week. Hiking remains to be the sure way to get those 5 miles in when you have no idea of what the end point looks like and how long it’s going to take for you to get there.

Give up snacking on junk food. Happy to report that our fridge is full of chilled oranges, apples, and frozen bananas to munch on.

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November Goals

Eat more quinoa or brown rice than white rice. Rice is a staple food for most Asian countries, including the Philippines; however, unlike Japanese, Filipinos are more accustomed to high-calorie food (ulam), which makes it difficult to maintain a healthier lifestyle (in general). I despise the smell of quinoa, but a friend of mine suggested that I cook it with vegetable or chicken broth instead of just water to make it easier to consume.

Maintain a 5-mile distance goal. I prefer watching the progress of my mileage than my steps because I feel like it’s more reliable. Roan and I always challenge each other in our goals, and that makes things more interesting and fun.

Catch up with blog work. There’s just so much to do in so little time, you know…

Enjoy November. This month only comes by once a year, so it’s but important to make sure that I cherish every minute of it. Sooner or later, November will end, and I want to still have the best memories in spite of being away from family.

What are your goals and plans this November? I hope they’re sweet!

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