November Goals

It’s that time of the month again, folks! Before anything else, let’s have a recap of my October goals, and see whether I have accomplished most of them or not:

  • Attendance at the CFO Guidance and Counselling Session. I am so proud to say that I finally took part in this seminar and was able to obtain a certificate of attendance within the day. I actually had to dedicate only half of my day to complete this, and I sort of regret that I didn’t do this right away upon quitting my job. Oh, well.
  • Passport Renewal. I had my passport renewal scheduled on the same week I made an appearance at the CFO seminar. If you will recall, I need to have the certificate of attendance on hand when I have my passport updated to reflect my married name because my husband is a foreign national. I made sure I get this done and over with sooner than later because it might take a while until I receive my updated passport upon application due to the on-going problem with the printing system at the Department of Foreign Affairs. I will be needing my new passport number and date of issuance in order to complete my DS 260 form, and submit this accordingly to the National Visa Center.
  • Claim wedding photo album and full video. I actually had this done earlier on when Kevin and I went to run errands around the city. There had been a slight inconvenience, though, because I only got our personal album and a copy of our full wedding video. The photographers forgot to include two additional parents’ albums that were indicated in the contract. Instead of personally picking these up from the head office, they had them shipped to our home address per my request.
  • Guest Posts. I launched a new corner on my blog for friends who’d take over the blog for a day. I invited a couple of blogger friends to guest post on SCATTERBRAIN, and I was so glad they agreed to do it.

Have you noticed something? I was successful with my October goals! pats myself in the back Anyway, welcome to my birth month! Yes, I’m celebrating my birthday this November, and probably in a few days… winks


Since I have progressed with the essentials pertaining to my passport name-change, it’s about time I step my game up a notch this month. Once I receive my updated passport, I will be able to advance with filling up my DS 260 form. Once completed, I hope to submit this accordingly to NVC for further processing. While I wait for their advice on my medical examination and interview schedule, I might as well get back with my ‘closet detox’.


If you will notice, I failed to read a single book in October, and that’s because I was adamant in working more on immigration-related concerns. This month, I hope to catch up with my reading (I’ve started with Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl), and come up with the fourth installment in my Feed Your Mind series.


If I may be completely honest, I have a list of blog post inspirations sitting at the back of my planner, waiting to happen. Apparently, there are several draft posts in my dashboard that hadn’t panned out. I have read several blogging tips and advices from fellow bloggers, and one that really resonates is to take a break when necessary.

Despite November being my birth month, I have nothing special planned out. My birthday isn’t like Halloween or Christmas that most people would get excited to plan for. I’ve gotten used to attending a thanksgiving mass and a simple celebration over lunch or dinner with the family. Other than those, I’m clueless what else I plan on doing.

Any specific goals you have planned out for this month?

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