My Favorite Things: October

Lo and behold, it’s starting to feel cooler during most of the day around here in San Diego. From what I heard, it’s starting to snow in some parts of Alaska and Yukon, which may be the reason why it feels less warm during the day. It’s just my theory, but there may be some truth to that.

Since fall has officially commenced last week, this month’s My Favorite Things linkup with Raisa and Eirene will be—for the lack of a better term—an ode to summer. I know most people think that it feels summer all year long here in San Diego, but thinking about the weather I arrived to in April, no, it’s not always warm around here.

  • My auntie in San Jose gave me this cross-body bag (similar), and it’s what I used all summer. It’s just the right size to carry all my everyday travel essentials, which I liked most about it! (Note: Would you be interested in knowing what I always have in there? Let me know in the comments below!)
  • Roan and I love being outdoors on weekends, so it’s important that I always bring a can of dry shampoo to ensure that my hair remains fresh and smelling good, regardless if we’ve stayed under the sun all day.
  • Although the humidity here in the coastal area was nothing compared to those who live inland, it was still necessary to moisturize my skin. I like that I discovered this in-shower moisturizer, which I simply apply immediately after rinsing and right before I pat my skin dry with a towel.
  • During the summer, since it’s mostly hot outside, I stuck with wearing minimal makeup. With that being said, I just put on a sheer amount of BB cream (with sunscreen), blushmascara, fill my eyebrows, and wear a fun shade of lipstick. Every now and then I want to let my skin breathe, so I keep a bare face, and just wear my tinted lip balm for a pop of color!
  • Honestly, I only started wearing moisturizers and lotions when I got here in the US. Who knew air with low humidity can be drying on your skin? Clearly, I missed the memo. My sister-in-law gave me this lightweight face moisturizer (water-based/oil-free), and I’ve been using it since!
  • This body mist reminded me so much of the Philippines, so I wore it all the time during the summer.
  • Roan has been using my favorite sunglasses, so I had to grab a pair (similar) for myself. I have yet to invest in a really good pair because I fear that I might lose or ruin an expensive one on our random beach trips.


Bloodline. I know I’ve already mentioned it before, but I’m still hungover this series. It’s a story of a dysfunctional family, whose lives revolved around secrets upon secrets. I swear every episode will leave you hooked and thinking, especially with all the flashback clips in between. The first season only had 13 episodes, and I’m sure you can finish all that in one sitting (like I did).

Sherlock. I first found out about the Sherlock series from my cousins who kept talking about it during one of our family gatherings. I knew who Sherlock Holmes is, and I’ve seen the movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, but a series? I needed to find out for myself. Luckily, I was able to watch a few re-runs on cable TV while I was still in the Philippines, and I, too, became instantly attached! After watching Narcos and Bloodline, I knew I had to watch all three seasons of it. One Sunday afternoon, all Roan and I did was sit on the couch, and watched the entire series. Who knew I’d get Roan hooked on it, too?

What were some of your favorite things from last summer?

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