Mother’s Day Madness

In every special occasion our family celebrates, everyone looks forward to only one thing: food. It’s either a lunch or a dinner celebration. Sometimes there’s movie-watching involved, other times an extended chit-chat over frappé and a cake at a coffee shop. Mother’s Day is not an exception, but we see to it that Mom gets an entire day of a much-needed me-time. Her idea of pampering meant visiting her preferred salon to have her haircut or a long overdue hand and foot spa.

This year was a little different because apart from the usual celebration over food and drinks, we went took a slightly different path. Our first agenda for the day was to attend a 10:30AM mass. It ended in time for a lunch celebration at Bono Tei Japanese Restaurant. Dad and I have already placed our reservation a few days earlier, anticipating large volume of customers in celebration of Mother’s Day. True enough, the place was packed when we walked in, and guests kept on coming.

My brother got us five tickets to a live basketball game. Our team was playing in the finals (Game 2 of 5), so it pretty much got us all excited. Good thing he scored us guaranteed seats, so we didn’t have to fall in line at least six hours before the game starts. In fact, we even had enough time to run some errands before heading to the stadium.

Watching a live basketball game is so much better than on TV. Nothing compares to cheering for your team until your throat hurts. There is fun in being able to actually shout disparaging comments at the opponent’s fans whenever your team scores or gets the lead. I mean, it isn’t live basketball when there are no such things, right?

Everything went well except that our team lost from a shameful 10-point deficit. It was heartbreaking and regretful, but it is what it is. We were just not lucky enough to witness a 2-0 run in the finals. It was an enjoyable game, nonetheless. We know our boys will bounce back in Game 3!

We capped the night off by having late dinner at another best-loved restaurant: UCC Café Terrace. What better way to end the day than treating ourselves to another Japanese delight!

So, how did you celebrate this special day with your Mom?

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