It’s a Wrap, (May and) June!

Though unwarranted, I’d like to apologize for the lack of virtual presence around here. This blog has taken a back seat several times before (you know, when something unexpected comes up in this thing called life), but this is probably the first time I felt bummed about it. I [still] love this space—the one thing I can truly call my own, but with all that’s going on, I just couldn’t squeeze it in as much as I’d like to.

New Job, Who Dis?

OK, let’s back up a bit (in case you missed it)—I accepted a job offer in April, but I didn’t start with my new job until June 1st because it took San Diego County that long to get my background check cleared. Unfortunately, there was nothing my new employer nor I could do about it, so we waited until we got the green lights. I made the most of the time I had in between jobs because I’d have gone crazy if I didn’t. I ran errands; I came up with a routine that works for me, but waiting had me feeling restless. I resisted following up on my employer every single day, so I focused my attention and energy on something else. On top of making sure that our home is in tip-top shape at all times, I enjoyed shopping for groceries by myself, and looked forward to making dinners every night.

The First 30 Days

It’s been a month since I started with my new role, and while it’s been so far amazing, I’ve never felt more exhausted than I do now. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but it’s just the truth. For the last four weeks, Roan and I have been following through with our everyday routine—something that’s different from when we used to work together in the same company. It was quite an adjustment for us, perhaps more for Roan than myself since he drives 90 miles to and from work everyday. I used to have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, but when I went back to work, I’m pretty much wiped out by eight o’clock.

Lawful Permanent Residency

Perhaps the most exciting news we’ve gotten lately is receiving notification from the USCIS that my request to remove conditions in my residency has been finally granted! It took a total of 17 months to get to this point, but we remain grateful because my case was never transferred nor did they request for more evidence or an in-person interview throughout the process. I even received my new green card in the mail in less than a week, but what we’re really excited about is working on/submitting my N-400 application—the last step before becoming an American citizen.

So, that’s how life’s been lately. Nothing too eventful, but exciting news just the same. Also, I wrote this blog post on a whim since I’m working from home today, so I was able to squeeze in a quick draft to publish right away. If something doesn’t make sense, you know why! Anyway, talk to y’all again soon!

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  • Hey Jae, great to see you checked in on your blog again! No need to apologise or feel bad for the lack of posts – life DOES get in the way, and sometimes as much as we love blogging, we struggle to find the time while other things are happening.

    I am glad you kept yourself sane throughout your little break off work. It’s nice to get into a routine!

    Sometimes working just exhausts you, mentally. Almost every day I feel tired by 8, too, and by then dinner is done, but I don’t feel like doing anything I planned to do (including blogging!). Starting a new job can make this even harder, but hang in there

    Keep us updated on getting your citizenship! ❤️

    • Ahh, Georgie! Comments like yours make it easier to feel a little less guilty about not blogging on the regular (or as much as I’d like to!). Thank you, and I appreciate you, Georgie!

      I’m still working on mine; filling the form out is a work in itself, and I need to do it with Roan to make sure we don’t leave anything out. I’m so excited to get it done and over with!

      P.S. How’s your trip here in California?? I got so excited that you and Nick both got to travel here in the West Coast!

  • Jae!! It’s so good to “hear” from you! I’m glad your job is going well and it sounds like you guys are working it out to adjust. As stressful as it was, I’m sure those weeks of free time and cooking lots, etc, were really enjoyable in a way. It’s rare to get that kind of time off between jobs so I hope you savored it!
    Congrats one being one step closer to being a US citizen!! People just have no idea how much goes into getting that far.

    • Emily!!! Can you tell how frustrating it is to be on the “struggle” bus?? It was fun while it lasted! I really just miss being able to nap whenever I want to. Hahaha! How have you been?? How’s the little bun in the oven doing??

      Oh, you have no idea! I nearly cried when I realized that my application went straight to approval! I was worried my case would be transferred to another office and/or we’d get a “request for more evidence” notice or worst—an in-person interview! I guess collecting all that supporting documents was worth it. Now we’ve got to submit my N-400 application and wait for another 6–12 months until all of this is over!!!