It’s a Wrap, March!

Hi. It’s been a while… I don’t like to glorify busy, but that’s exactly how I’ve been. I re-read my round-up from February, and realized that everything remains true; in fact, even worse. Worse in the sense that both Roan and I have been working our bums off because our boss fired one member of our team soon after the surveillance audit we had last month (while the other one’s still on vacation in the Philippines). Needless to say, our department had been a three-man band for several weeks.

Good morning from my little green and yellow bird friend here! Have a blessed Sunday!💚💛 #optoutside

The month of March had been a mix of both fun and not-so-fun things, but we lean towards focusing on the good ones because life is so amazing to wallow in what didn’t work out:

  • My mom and two brothers finally applied for a tourist visa earlier this month; however, the US embassy only granted Mom a 10-year, multiple entry visa. I’m saddened by the news that my brothers were denied a visa because I want all of them to travel together when they visit us, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s going to be costly, but they still have another chance next time.
    • While we’re on the subject, Roan and I agreed to bring Mom and Dad back to the US this summer/fall. I literally just booked their flights last night! I know Mom had been jealous of Dad because we’ve reunited twice since I left home in April 2015, so I’m pretty excited for her to come, see, and experience the life we’ve currently been living. Mom hasn’t been back to the US since 1998 when she spent a 2-week vacation in New Jersey (where her brother’s family used to live) and played tourist in New York.
“Hi, bird! Bye, bird!” We made some interesting friends today! More on my Instagram Stories.☺️ #optoutside #shotoniPhone7Plus
  • Roan and I went on a day trip to the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar one weekend, and had the chance to interact with several of the most beautiful, interesting, and entertaining birds we’ve seen. If you’d watched my Instagram stories on that day, then you’ll know which bird I was most impressed with!
  • This month marked my first work anniversary at my current job, and on top of that, Roan and I each got a pay raise! Our tremendous efforts to keep our department together in the last few weeks literally paid off!
  • I know it’s not ideal to spend what you just gained, but Roan and I went on a major shopping spree this month!🙊 Among my favorites are the burgundy pair of Converse All Stars (similar), which you may have seen on my Instagram stories, these sport sandals/slides, the Levi’s pair of jeans (I got them in three different colors/washes), and the denim hoodie jacket (similar). All of which I’ve been wearing a lot since the first day of Spring!
  • I took a break from school last winter because the fall quarter literally wiped me out. I’d be a hypocrite if I told you that I didn’t think of NOT going back, but Roan talked me into enrolling for this Spring quarter. Although immensely terrified about the amount of work (both job- and school-wise) I’ll be taking on, and the little-to-no sleep I’ll be getting in the coming weeks, I kind of feel excited!
  • In another episode of “Random Things Roan and Jae Do on Weekends,” we went on an impulsive road trip via the Pacific Coast Highway (California State Route 1). We discovered a posh mall up in Newport Beach, and somehow ended up having another spontaneous dinner date with our favorite newly-minted family of five (two fur babies included) at Banana Bay (which, by the way, was amazing!).
#HappyInternationalWomensDay 🌹
  • Has anyone else watched Beauty and The Beast yet? What did you think? I personally loved it! I may be biased because it’s my all-time favorite Disney movie (and Belle, my favorite Disney Princess), but the 2017 remake is really good! I think Emma Watson did a great job in bringing Belle’s character to life.🌹
  • Since I talked Roan into watching the Beauty and The Beast, I agreed to watch Logan with him. I’m glad I did because it’s really good! I’d forgotten how great an actor Hugh Jackman is! Can you believe that he’s played the role of Wolverine for 17 years??
  • While we’re on the subject of movies, here are a few recommendations from either Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video:
    • Jiro Dreams of Sushi for all you sushi-loving folks!
    • Captain Fantastic for those who wonder what it’s like to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    • Chapter 27 to get a glimpse of what went through John Lennon’s infamous killer, Mark David Chapman.
Some people prefer to fly than to embark on a road trip. Some even have the luxury to go on a cruise. Either way, go the distance. #WHPtravelogue #shotoniPhone7Plus

On a more personal note, I got back into journaling. I tried doing so in July last year, but fell off the wagon almost as quickly as I had joined in. With a lot of things on my plate these days, the only way to remain sane and practice self-care is to rekindle my love for journaling. So I started over, and I’m happy to report that I have never missed a day (I write in my journal at least once in the morning and again at night before bedtime) since. Every time I feel the itch to mindlessly scroll through social media, I reach for my journal and write instead. Not only does it make me feel better, it’s more productive, too!

Last, but certainly not the least, I finally finished all seven Harry Potter books, and watched their corresponding movie versions. I now understand what I’ve been missing all these years.

Six months late, but I’m finally sharing our #HooverDam #traveldiary #ontheblog tomorrow. Keep your 👀 peeled! ✨ Here’s one of my favorite photos from the trip! #optoutside


Travel Diary: Hoover Dam
Filing Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence

P.S. My bullet journal Instagram account, @bujoxjae, is now known as @thejaernalist!

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  • Yay for your mom visiting but I’m sorry to hear about your brothers not being able to come too! Visas are tricky, we want to go to Russia next year and Alex will have to apply for a visa :/ Haha your shopping spree after the raise reminded me of an episode of Parks and Rec where Aziz has a “treat yo self” day.

    • I know, but is what it is. Like I told Dad, it doesn’t mean they’ll never be able to come and visit. They’re grownups, so when they get their visas, the two of them can fly here by themselves!

      Hahaha! Yes, we had that, too. I mean, why not? We totally deserved it after a very stressful audit season.