It’s a Wrap, March!

As I begin to draft this entry, I relied on several random notes I stuck in my planner because the last two weeks had been crazy, to say the least. The lack of regular posts here on the blog is the result of a surprise blessing. In case you missed it on Twitter, I finally got a job! Allow me to discuss it briefly here.

I am currently employed as a technical writer in the same company my husband works for. I will be responsible in editing, standardizing, organizing, and maintaining technical documentation pertaining to business rules, policies, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). I can’t tell you how happy my OCD self is to focus on this particular responsibility!

Now that I got that one out of the way, let’s talk about more random things in this month’s round-up of sorts, shall we?



A few weeks ago, I confessed to breaking my make-up shopping ban, and it took me several days to get over it. I mean, I made it to two months of zero purchase… Anyway, these are some of the things I got that I instantly loved:

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. When I got hold of new make-up organizers, I had the sudden urge of getting rid of most products I no longer use (or are due for discarding). Among the things that emerged is a sachet of this foundation primer from Smashbox, and I used it the next time I put on make-up. Its consistency is similar to that of Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser; the only difference is that the one from Smashbox didn’t (and still doesn’t) make my T-zone too oily at the end of the day. For reference, I have combination/oily skin type.
  • Herbal Essences Color-Me-Happy Shampoo and Herbal Essences Color-Me-Happy Conditioner. I wasn’t entirely looking for a shampoo and conditioner replacement, but these smell so good that I had to pick them up! I’ve forgotten how great the brand is when used as a clarifying shampoo for those nasty product build-up that makes your hair greasy!
  • Something Blue by Oscar de la Renta. I received a sample of this perfume from several months ago, and since I already ran out of the perfume I used for my wedding, I thought I might as well get this as a replacement. Had this been available at the time of our wedding, I would’ve gotten this one instead!




Other than The Walking Dead, Roan and I have been watching `black•ish and The Real O’Neals a lot lately. To put it bluntly, `black•ish is like Fresh Off the Boat‘s African-American counterpartThe Real O’Neals was sort of an experiment. Roan was looking for new shows to watch, and found this among the newly released ones. Tell you what—the first episode did not disappoint! Both shows are hilarious!


Since I started working a little over a week ago, it’s been a struggle keeping up with my fitness routine. I’m still getting used to waking up very early to go to work. Roan and I, however, make it a point to dedicate the rest of our lunch break to walk. Another struggle is making dinner at least every other night because of how sleepy I get by the end of the day. I’ll give it a few more days to find my [new] rhythm, and hopefully get back on track soon.

Let’s catch up! What have you been doing this month?

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