March Goals

I felt a wave of panic as I begin drafting this post with the realization that March has arrived. Has it really been 60 days since we welcomed the New Year in Bangkok? I somehow failed to remember what I did or where I was in between January 1st and today, but I know how I did in February in terms of monthly intentions.


I have to be honest—there had been slight changes in last month’s goals since Roan and I received that one thing we’ve been waiting for for almost a year. I needed to prioritize the requirements for my medical examination, and attend the 2-day appointment accordingly.

Get Back to Reading

Have you heard that I’ve finally finished reading Insurgent? The trick? I listened to its audiobook version! It was weird at first that I read the written version while listening (you know, just in case the two are different), but eventually got the hang of it. Although a bit awkward, I listened to a chapter or two while having breakfast and before I go to bed. Waiting time during my medical examination also helped me finish the book!

Resume with Closet Detox

Ah, this one’s a bit depressing. It’s never an easy task to decide which pieces should be donated or disposed and which ones I will keep. With only less than two months left before Roan comes home to get me, I’m still falling behind.


I was quite lucky to have been able to squeeze consistent blogging in last month, but I can tell that it’s going to change a bit come March. In honor of SCATTERBRAIN’s 3rd blog anniversary, I revamped the site a little for a refreshing look. What do you think?


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Finalize Things to Bring to America

There’s no other time to do this, but NOW. I don’t have the luxury of time given that I could be leaving for the US in less than a month. Roan and I have agreed that all of my things must be ready before he even arrives. That way, we’ll spend the rest of my remaining days here enjoying the company of family and some close friends.

Prepare for Visa Interview

This is probably the most nerve-wracking of all, and I need to prepare as if I’m going to a make-or-break job interview. We’re lucky that they didn’t require us further documents other than a copy of Roan’s W-9 (which I didn’t have in the first place) because I had all original documents (i.e., marriage certificate, police clearance, etc.) mailed instead of photocopies. It goes without saying that I can’t mess this up, so your prayers are much appreciated!

What is keeping you busy this month?

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