Labor Day Weekend in San Francisco: Part I

The boys went back from their drinking session around three in the morning. I knew this because they didn’t have their key card, hence they had to knock to have someone let them in. Grace beat me to it; I was too groggy to lift a muscle, but I knew what was going on around me. The boys mindlessly shuffled around the room until both of them were knocked out.

Since I slept before anyone else the night before, I was the first to wake up. We missed the complimentary breakfast window because it took all four of us two hours to get ready for the day, so we opted to drive somewhere else.

First stop: Jollibee.

My cousin had been craving favorites from this popular Filipino fast-food joint, so we drove all the way to Daly City just to have breakfast there. For my Filipino readers, imagine our delight when the familiar ‘smiling bee’ logo came into view! I shared a photo on Snapchat and Viber, and my brother mirrored our excitement! It felt like we haven’t had it in ages!

Besides seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, I think one of the things you shouldn’t miss out on when in San Francisco is driving to Napa Valley. It took us an hour and a half to get there, and since we didn’t have any idea on where to go exactly, we stopped by the Napa Valley Wine Train station. We picked up a map of the county, and discovered that there are 400+ wineries in the Napa County! The idea of riding the train was instantly dismissed when we were told that it’s going to cost $180+ per person. Um, no, thank you! We were pretty dumbstruck by this information, so my cousin searched on YouTube, and listed down some of the recommended places mentioned in the video!

To tell you frankly, going inside a winery for the first time was overwhelming. The path leading up to the driveway of Domaine Chandon looked like a grand entrance to an upper class villa. The people we came across varied from those who were in their casual clothes and those who seemed like they’re attending a significant social event. Long story short, wine tasting was beyond our league. We settled on taking photos of the place instead, which we absolutely laughed about among ourselves. In fact, we still went to Robert Mondavi Winery to take even more photos!

Although we didn’t get to experience wine tasting in Napa Valley, the scenery was still something to look out for. We also drove around Downtown Napa, which is probably the smallest downtown area I’ve been to thus far. We were told that there are wine tasting rooms in there, but thought better, and started going back to San Francisco before the usual traffic on the freeway worsen.

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  • Somehow I’ve never been to a winery! There are so many in the Seattle area actually, but I’ve never gone wine tasting or visited the vineyards. It’s on my to-do list! Maybe when my mom comes to visit… 🙂 Napa Valley sure looks gorgeous, and I love the photos of the spindly trees!

    • This is the first time we’ve been to a winery, too! We do have some nearby (Temecula and Escondido area), but we’ve never been either. As much as we’d like to try wine-tasting, it’s all very intimidating because we don’t know much about wines in general. Hahaha!

      I’m not sure, though, if any of those wineries we went to were affected by the Santa Rosa fire. If they were, then that’s devasting.

  • What a gorgeous scenery. Combine that with a sunny weather, this is practically paradise. <3

    Do you plan on returning in the near future to do the actual wine tasting? I’m pretty sure that slice of experience would warrant another post/commentary on different textures of wines you’ve tried. It’d be interesting.

    • Not in the near future, but we’ll definitely try wine tasting next time! Or perhaps try the one nearby (in Escondido or Temecula) for starters!