Dad Goes to San Diego: La Jolla Cove

I have to apologize in advance for basically posting events from three months ago in the next few days as I try to clear my photo backlog and stay up-to-date. You see, blogging isn’t top priority for me these days, and I’ve been mostly feeling under the weather due to the medication I’m taking for my hives. Today, let me share how Dad’s trip to San Diego in early June panned out.

“Relax, I’m still alive. Just try’na get a tan around here, y’know…”
Can we all agree that Roan looks charming in this photo?😍

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Dad only had three full days to spend with us here in California. The other two were spent travelling from Chicago to San Diego (arrived on Thursday night) and San Diego to Los Angeles for his flight back to Manila (on Monday morning). We had an entire month to plan for his visit, and I’m grateful for Roan for stepping up in arranging our itinerary for the weekend. First stop: La Jolla Cove.

Roan wanted to take me there sooner, but we decided to postpone it until Dad’s arrival. It’s not like we couldn’t go there as many times as we’d like; I just thought it’d be more fun to bond with Dad over the places we both haven’t been to. I’m glad we did because Roan didn’t say that we’ll be seeing sea lions (or seals) up close there! As seen in the photos, other things you may want to do while you’re there are kayaking and paragliding—two things I have yet to try!

Tips & Warnings: The area around La Jolla Cove stinks. The pungent smell is actually caused by the sea lions’ diet of different kinds of fish—anchovies, herring salmon, and sardines. It is also worth noting that parking space is limited, so be sure to plan ahead if you have intentions of staying awhile!

La Jolla Cove
San Diego, CA 92037

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