June Goals

We’re halfway through 2015! Can you believe it? The month of June is often associated with a lot of things. For example, in the Philippines, June means back-to-school to most students. It’s also when the rainy season starts to creep in, so frequent class suspensions will occur from this month until September. Here in the US, however, June is the month for summer weddings.

I wish I could tell you that the summer season is upon us here in San Diego, but that is not the case. We’ve been having gloomy weather for weeks, with temperatures ranging from 63 to 68F, and it’s been keeping us from heading over to the beach to get some sun. Regardless, I’m excited for June, but before I delve into the reasons why, let’s take a recap of how I did from last month’s goals.

Last Month’s Goals in Retrospect

I succeeded in my goals for May except for two: get a driver’s license and familiarize with the neighborhood, and I have a valid reason for that. It’s because Roan and I was able to move in after spending a week or so looking for an apartment. I had to temporarily abandon reviewing for my driver’s license exam because the transition from living with relatives to living on our own was top priority. It was a pretty luxurious complex with a fancy gym that neither Roan and I could resist, so we were able to squeeze working out into our routine. On some days, we warm up by running down the street before heading to the gym for some weight training. I can’t tell you how convenient having Roan around as my personal trainer and workout buddy is.

In other adult-wise news, I was able to open a bank account. Minh, the bank relations officer, who assisted us was very accommodating that it didn’t take long for everything to get settled. All I had was my passport and my immigrant visa to prove that I’m here in the US for good. I received my debit card in the mail in no time. Roan was finally able to enroll me to a medical insurance, which had been a pain-in-the-bum because the first one we went to was too bureaucratic, it was so frustrating. Good thing Roan found another company who accommodated us even on a Sunday that we were enrolled by the end of our 1-hour meeting.

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June Goals

Practice grocery and meal planning. It goes without saying that cooking is my new-found hobby these days. The meals I make are not restaurant-material, but they’re edible, so that’s enough reason to keep trying. In addition to this, we need to learn the ropes of grocery and meal planning in order to save us both time and money from making several trips to the grocery within a week.

Make Dad’s stay in San Diego a memorable one. My Dad’s coming to San Diego on Thursday night, and both Roan and I are so excited to have him over! If there’s one person who’s greatly affected by my departure, it’s Dad. It’s a blessing in disguise that he’s sent to Chicago for a 3-day business trip, so we took this opportunity to fly him to San Diego for a 3-day vacation with us.

Make going to the gym a regular habit. Everything in our apartment complex is convenient, and one of which is a gym that’s a stone’s throw away from our unit. Roan and I each have our own motivations to get going, but regardless, we must keep at it.

Of course, finish reading California Driver’s Handbook remains top priority. I need to take the driver’s license exam already!

What’s keeping you busy this month?

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