It’s a Wrap, July!

Hello, fam! I’m SO excited because I’m posting as scheduled! I promised myself not to do a combined monthly update like I did in (March and) April and (May and) June, so we’re pushing through this! I started writing this post last week when my colleague (whom I work closely with) left early, so I made use of what little down time I have to hop on here and contemplate about the month of July.


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I nearly cried when @paramore kicked their set off with ‘Grudges’ because that particular track strongly resonates with me as of late. Here’s an excerpt of my favorite part of the song👇🏼 — Stop asking why Why we had to waste so much time Well, we just pick up, pick up and start again 'Cause we can't keep holding on to grudges And if you wanna call me up or come over Come on, we'll laugh 'till we cry Like we did when we were kids 'Cause we can't keep holding on to grudges — I’ve been to three of their concerts since I moved to San Diego in 2015, and I don’t see myself stopping from doing so for as long as they go on tour. I feel like I grew up with them and their music over the years, and it’s been quite an interesting journey. Thank you, @yelyahwilliams + @tayloryorkyall + @zacfarro + et al., for always putting on an amazing show!🤘🏼 — #wearePARAMORE #AfterLaughter #Tour5

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Paramore’s #Tour5 Concert. Have you ever loved an artist so much you listen to their music almost every day, yet you never seem to get sick of it? Well, that’s how I am with Paramore. Their songs are probably the most heavily played tracks on my Spotify all year round, and I’m sure you already know that by now. Roan and I just saw them at their #TourTwo concert in LA in September last year, but it’s their first time back in San Diego since 2015. Their show was actually different from the last, but it’s just as fun!

Jay Som and Foster The People opened up for them this time, and boy, did I find a whole new level of admiration for the latter. I only know some of their popular hits like Pumped Up Kicks, Helena Beat, Houdini, and Coming of Age, but I found myself swaying along to the rest of their songs like I knew them. They were so good live!

Rekindling Old Friendships. Without going too much into details, I recently reconnected with some friends from high school. It wasn’t exactly how I perceived it to be, but I’m still grateful for the chance. I wouldn’t say we picked up right where we left off, but re-establishing some sort of connection is a good start (at least for me). Nothing feels better than getting a weight off of your (head and) chest after what-felt-like-forever.

☛ New Job Update. So it’s been two months since I started with my new job, and while I have been leaving the office with little to zero energy left, I can actually say that I love it. Every day, I feel grateful for exactly the kind of dynamic job I prayed for. And while we’re at it, I might transition to a full-time position sooner than expected—and that makes both Roan and I even more excited!


  • reading After You by JoJo Moyes. I just started last night, shortly after finishing Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. To my surprise, I’ve also read two more books—Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover—this month, chalking it up to both my Goodreads and 2018 Reading Challenge. How I managed to read all these books in July remains a mystery to me.
  • watching Lizzie Borden Took An Ax and then found out that a TV series—Lizzie Borden Chronicles—was created as a continuation of the movie. Christina Ricci playing a “grown-up” version of Wednesday Adams is just a delightful treat (at least for me!). I also started watching 13 Reasons Why just to see what the hype is all about. And it only proves my personal preference of reading the book first before seeing the film/TV series.
  • listening to CHVRCHES‘ new album, Love is Dead nonstop on Spotify. We will see them again in September, and I’m so excited!
  • thinking about going back to school this fall. I still have a lot of units to take on Technical Communication, but I’m looking into another course, which is more aligned with my current job. We’ll see!
  • loving the new It Cosmetics Matte CC+ Cream! I loved the original formula, and love the matte version even more! I’m also rekindling my love for this eyebrow thing since I ran out of my current go-to. I have it in four different shades: Dark Blonde, Light Brunette, Brunette, and Dark Brunette—I use them interchangeably, depending on my mood. They’re both perfect summer must-haves, especially on days when I don’t have time to put on a full face to work.
  • obsessing over all-things-poké! I have been craving a bowl almost every day in the last couple of weeks, and our current favorite is from Sweetfin Poké. SO GOOD! (P.S. Nope, still not pregnant!)
  • feeling grateful and in a state of friendliness.
  • needing to spend more time at the beach! Roan and I haven’t been to the beach since summer kicked off! We need to change that before the cooler weather rolls in… How embarrassing is this when we live so close to the ocean?

I know this looks so lame, but these are pretty much all the noteworthy updates I have for July. Lately, our lives have been revolving around work and house chores, hardly finding time to relax and unwind with friends and family, which is ridiculous because they’re all we saw when Roan and I were in-between jobs. For the first time in a long time, Roan and I have plans for this weekend (with my sister-in-law, no less); it’s definitely something to look forward to! Anyway, I hope y’all had a great July!

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  • You know, Paramore is one of those bands that I feel I should have been super into, because I do like them, but I just never really listened to them too much for some reason. But I totally know what you mean – I’m like that with Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis. I listen to them ALL the time, and I have since I was 14, pretty consistently. Never gets old! And ooo I’m reading Little Fires Everywhere right now – did you like it??

    • Hey, we all have different taste in music, and that’s perfectly OK! My husband teases me about it all the time because y’know, we’re no longer in our teens/20s. It’s too funny to think that I’d be watching their concerts even when I’m well in my 40s! Hmm… It took me a while to finish reading the book, and sometimes, it’s because I find the pace of the story a little too slow. I did like it, though, but not really loved it like my favorites.

  • You’ve been reading so many good books! I’m also so glad to hear your job is such a dream. That means so much! I am also super jealous of you seeing Paramore again when I still haven’t managed to see them once! Eeek!

    • July was definitely something in terms of reading books. I still can’t believe how I managed to catch up with my reading challenge last month. Haha! This job made me truly appreciate the good and the ugly from my previous one. Aww you know how much I love them! I hope you get a chance to see them on their next tour!

  • I recently rekindled an old friendship and it just makes me so happy to be able to reconnect. Also, I almost bought this same wordpress theme but decided not to (just because money), but I think it looks so great for your website!

    • It’s definitely a leap, but so worth it! Ohh, hehe it was love at first sight when they released this, so I snagged it as soon as I can, and made it work for me. Thank you! I don’t think I’ll be changing anything in a while.