It’s a Wrap, July!

I refuse to believe that July is over, and much like June, this month had been nothing but a blur. Summer is definitely in full swing here in San Diego, but grateful that our weather remains at high 80s and low 70s on most days. My brother-in-law has been inviting us to go hiking almost every weekend, but with all the craziness going on at work, Roan and I choose to just lounge at the beach on our rest days.

Other than watching the new season of America’s Got Talent, reading Harry Potter books is what I’m doing on my free time. Sometimes, I bring home work, especially if I’m working on something that requires a quick turnaround time. I’m a “to-do’s list” person, but I eventually realized that multitasking and making mental notes are no longer acceptable. I also don’t get as much sleep because I can’t seem to shut my mind off at bedtime, thinking about what I plan on doing the next day.

For this reason, I bit the bullet, and jump on the “planner decorating” bandwagon. When I worked on my weekly spread the first time, however, it was nothing but stressful. I gave up on the first week, and tried it again after two weeks. I went crazy with stickers, themes, and fun accessories! As of today, I’ve decorated the August monthly and week 1 spread of my Erin Condren Life Planner. It’s not so bad after all, and I quite enjoy it. Not only am I enjoying decorating my planner; I get to stay on top of things, too!

The Simplified Journal by Emily Ley

Pen, Papermate Ink Joy | Candle, Bath & Body Works

Another thing I got back on this month is journaling. I used to write in my journal before I went to bed at night, but for whatever reason, I drifted away from it. I looked in my old journal and found that my last entry was from May last year. It’s time I put those fleeting moments again in writing, so I decided to get a new journal. I discovered The Simplified Journal by Emily Ley, and I thought it’s a great journal to start over with.


Roan and I attended a Home-Buying Class hosted by Redfin last Wednesday. Roan has been looking for properties in San Diego since we renewed our lease this year. He’s adamant about getting our own house, but we also have to know and understand how much property is comfortable for us financially in spite of his VA benefits. Attending this seminar had been so informative and helpful, and it makes us both hopeful of our future plans. God-willing, we would be able to purchase our own house within the next three years.


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What’s something new you did this month?

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